How Google works

How does Google work?

Google is constantly looking at websites to see if they are interesting or not. It does its job in three ways:

1. Using automated technology, called bots or crawlers, to find web pages and explore their content – working out what sites are new or what content is new.

2. Google then indexes all that information and puts it in order based on things like how up to date it is and what links to it, and it keeps on doing that over and over and over again…

3. Then Google supplies information about what it finds to people searching, in the most relevant way possible – which is based on the quality and freshness of the content. You want people to find your business through search. Including relevant information in your Yellow Online Profile will help customers find you when they search online.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words people commonly use to search for something – like ‘plumber’ or ‘drain’. Knowing what keywords people use for your type of business means you can use those words in your Yellow Online Profile content to help you get found. For example: “When you need help with blocked drains, dripping taps or leaky faucets…” Use them in your business description and in the "What makes us different?" sections of your online profile.

How do I get better results?

Search engines like Google are constantly reviewing online websites to see if they are interesting or not. Regularly updated sites with unique content are given better positions.
Most important is freshness of content:

The more often you update your Yellow Online Profile with new information, like pictures, news or new things people can download, the better. Every time you make an update, Google and other search engine takes notice. So, update content often – Google loves this!

Quality of content:

Is your content unique? Do you provide useful information about the products and services you provide? Be sure to use popular keywords searched by people in your Yellow Online Profile business description and throughout your content, but don’t overload! Aim for quality, not quantity – people want to see something interesting.

Building links to your Yellow Online Profile and website is essential. Make sure you add your website to your Yellow Online Profile and vice versa. Are you listed on association websites or mentioned in a local online news story? If you are, make sure they contain links to your website.

What is SEO?

You may have heard the term: search engine optimisation (SEO). It refers to different things you can do to help your Yellow Online Profile or website rate higher up in the rankings of search results to reach your potential customers.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can bring your online presence to a new level. Search Engine Marketing is the process of promoting and marketing websites through paid advertising; such as Google AdWords, YouTube and Facebook Ad campaigns. At Yellow we have one of the largest Search Engine Marketing teams in the business. Get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

What is paid search?

You can pay to list your site on a search engine, like Google, so that your website shows up when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase. Organic listings (findings on search results you did not have to pay for) and paid listings both appear in the search results, but they are shown on different parts of the page.

Yellow has one of the largest Search Engine Marketing teams in New Zealand. Our team of Google certified analysts are ready to help you.

Why does it matter?

Internet Live Stats shows that there are over 40,000 searches happening every single second. Think about that. Every second that your business is not indexed on Google, you might be missing out on literally hundreds of opportunities for customers to find it. Think of it as like having really good signposts in front of people looking for directions.