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We’re committed to delivering solutions that work for our customers and communities. The paper used for our books is made from 100% sustainable forestry products and 100% of the book can be recycled.
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100% Recyclable

Everything that goes into our Yellow Book is completely recyclable, so when it's time for a new book your current one can take on a new life.
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Paper from responsible sources

The paper we use come from sustainable forestry sources that promote the replanting of trees.
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Yellow in the community

Over 1.6M books are distributed nationally by over 292 community groups.
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Print marketing

Print marketing is a relied upon medium to connect businesses to their local customer base

Frequently asked questions

  • Who uses the Yellow Book?


    The Yellow books are very well used throughout the country. There are many parts of the country and many demographics of people who either choose not to connect to the internet, or simply don’t have access or the capability. The physical books are still very much in use, not just for older demographics, but also in the regions, where they’re still a viable marketing platform for kiwi businesses. The books are one of the best ways to reach rural customers.

    Diversity and Inclusion is important to us at Yellow and people are the beating heart that drives what we do, so it only makes sense that they’re the foundation for our values as a business and for how we operate. For us, it’s about ongoing demand and providing options. We're committed to delivering solutions that work for our customers, and we’ll continue to monitor how people are using Yellow books and adjust our strategy accordingly.

  • I opted out, but still received the book


    We are really sorry to hear you received a Yellow Book after opting out. We do have deadlines to opt out for upcoming book delivery to ensure we get all the right information to our distributors in time. However, if you send us your address, we’ll reconfirm your opt-out status and next steps.

    Give us a call on 0800 803 803 or you can contact us here yellow.co.nz/company/contact-us/ - select the drop down “Arrange a book pickup”.

  • Sustainability and environmental impact


    The Yellow Books are produced by a Kiwi business, Webstar, who have Toitu Envirocare Diamond certification and winner of the 2017 Green Ribbon Award for Waste Minimisation. Green Ribbon is a NZ Government award using DOC and Ministry for Environment criteria. The paper used for our books is made from 100% sustainable forestry products that promote the replanting of forests and, thanks to format changes, we've reduced our use of paper by 14%.

    The great news is that our books are 100% recyclable.

    We’re committed to delivering solutions that work for our customers, book users, and we’ll continue to monitor how people are using Yellow books. As part of this commitment we constantly explore more sustainable solutions and adjust our strategy accordingly.

  • Can the book be recycled?

    Yes, our book is 100% recyclable!
  • I put my book straight in the bin


    We strongly encourage recycling and there are plenty of alternative uses for your unwanted book. If you received a book after opting out, send us your address and we’ll reconfirm your opt-out status and next steps.

    Give us a call on 0800 803 803 or you can contact us here: yellow.co.nz/company/contact-us/ - select the drop down “Arrange a book pickup”.

    If you would like to opt-out you can do so anytime here.

  • How are the books delivered?


    Yellow’s large network of distributors have been an integral part of ensuring their local community receives their phone books. Many fundraising dollars have been raised over the years, supporting school communities, not-for-profits, scout groups, sports clubs and volunteer organisations who play a big part in raising funds to give back to their local community by way of delivering the Yellow Books.

    For 2024, community groups will continue to deliver in urban areas as defined by NZ Post, while Reach will manage rural book deliveries.

    If you have received a book in error, let us know here https://yellow.co.nz/company/contact-us/ and we’ll be in touch with the next steps.

  • Changes to Auckland 2024/25 Yellow Book


    Every year we work on evolving our book, always listening to feedback and looking for ways to optimise our operations, improve usability and effectiveness for kiwi businesses and their customers, while continuing to reinvest in our local communities through distribution teams.

    This is why we’re updating our product offerings for 2024 to make doing business even easier.

    Yellow Book Changes

    Q: What are the main updates to the Yellow Book?

    For our Yellow Book Customers (i.e., you), there are three key changes coming your way:

    • Monthly Billing is back! You asked, we answered and Monthly Billing is back and will become the new default billing method.
    • Alongside this, the publication run of the Yellow Book will shift from 12 months to 18 months, keeping the book in the homes of your customers for longer and extending the life of your ads.
    • Aligning the book publication term to our new minimum commitment term of 18 months.
    • Delivering to where books are used most, in the home.

    Q: What does this mean for me?

    From January onwards (depending on the book you're in), most customers (those above a certain threshold) will be moving to monthly billing as the new default option. As the new default, any upgrades or purchases in the Yellow Book will be as a monthly payment.

    Q: What’s the new minimum commitment term?

    With the book publication and minimum commitment term shifting to 18 months, you will be charged for 18 months rather than 12 months.

    Q: When does this come into play?

    For advertising purchased in the Auckland 2024/25 book billing will commence from January 2024 onwards.

    Monthly billing will come into effect in January and continue in monthly instalments for the entire Auckland Yellow Publication term (18 months).

    Q: What if I want to keep paying in a lump sum?

    That’s okay! Each business runs differently and while Monthly Billing is here to make doing business easier and support you in managing your cash flow more effectively, we totally understand if you prefer a lump sum payment.

    If you prefer to stay on a lump sum basis, get in touch with our Care Team on 0800 803 803 and they’ll help you out.

    Q: Why does my bill look different? (Monthly Billing)

    Moving from a lump sum billing, your ongoing bills will look a little different. The amount you’re billed equates to the monthly equivalent of pricing as indicated in June’s updated pricing.

    If you choose to continue paying lump sum, your bill will look a little larger than what you’re used to, as your price reflects the additional 6-month publication term.

    Q: Why does my bill look different? (Lump Sum Payment)

    As we move from a 12 month to 18-month publication term, your bill will look a little different as you’re being charged for each month of the publication term.

    This may appear as a price increase, however, your monthly charges have not changed, just the publication period. Your monthly charges will remain in line with June's update. It is the period of publication that has been extended from 12 months to 18 months that applies to your Lump Sum billing.

    Q: What if I have changes?

    Cut-off date is the 10th of November 2023, if you have changes for your advertising these need to be submitted by then.

    If you wish to remain on lump sum or no longer wish to appear in the book, please get in touch by this date. If you do not contact us by this date, your advertising will automatically renew, and new billing and commitment terms will take effect in January 2024.

    Q: Can I set up a direct debit for this?

    You sure can! Take the hassle out of payments and set up a direct debit to ensure you never miss a payment. Click here to set up a direct debit

    Q: What if I no longer want to pay for the full 18 months?

    The new commitment term is 18 months, if you no longer wish to engage the book for advertising, you will be REQUIRED to continue to pay any remaining payments or pay the remaining balance as a lump sum.

    Q: Why is the book shifting to an 18-month publication term?

    As you likely know and have experienced yourself (either in your business or as a customer), the global supply chain continues to be an ongoing challenge. We have opted to extend the life of the book and extend the life of your advertising.

    Q: Will this impact the effectiveness of my advertising?

    No, research shows that calls remain relatively stable after the initial 12 months.

    Q: Does this mean you’ll be printing less regularly?

    Yes! As we shift to an 18-month cycle, we will only be printing every 18 months vs. every 12 months.

    White Pages Changes

    Q: What’s happening to the White Pages?

    White Page Standard Listings are being localised to their respective publication coverage area.

    In previous years, we’ve localised the Yellow Book to the 5 different areas that make up Auckland – North, South, East, West and Central. This year we’re doing the same to the Auckland White Pages Standard Listings. Customers with paid content tor enhancements continue to have Auckland wide coverage.

    We’re also introducing a larger font size for free standard listings and additional listing content customers such as website, email and extra numbers.

    Alongside this, the White Pages Listings will also be making the move from a 12 to 18-month publication term and bringing back monthly billing.

    Q: Why is the font getting bigger?

    To make the book even easier and more readable for your customers, we’re increasing the font size. Not only does it make it easier for customers to view, but also increases the findability of your business as you take up more page space.

    Q: Why are you localising the White Pages?

    Localising the White Pages makes it easier for your local customers to find you, eliminating the need to sift through a host of businesses that don’t operate in the same areas as you, just to find your business!

    If your business operates across the Auckland region and you wish to stay in more than one region, you definitely can! Get in touch with our Care Team at 0800 803 803 to talk through your options.