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As NZ’s most trusted place for business and residential information, it’s where people look when they know your name, but not your number.

We've got options

The White Pages is New Zealand's largest, free people-search and business directory. Make sure your customers can find all your key business information when they need it. Consider one of our upgrade options if you really want your business to pop.
  • Free

    Free listing

    The basic package: Business name, address and landline.
  • From $45


    Stand out from the rest & be found faster by choosing from a range of additional features.

    • Add colour
    • Bold
    • Borders
    • Background highlights
    • Logos
  • From $70

    Extra Content

    Make it easier for your customers to contact you.

    • Add mobile
    • Email
    • Website
    • Branches

More options

These options give you next level visibility. They’re designed to attract more attention, placed to be easily found.
Ad Specifications
  • From $545

    Business Package

    Get best value with a highly effective business card placement.

    • Comprises a bold name with a black border, plus up to 6 pieces of information
    • Web and email address highlighted in blue
  • From $1,200

    High Impact

    • Year-round exposure in highly visible positions
    • Engaging insert options
    • Stand out with repeating ads throughout the book

Other marketing solutions for your business

  • Icon of a tag.

    Yellow Pages

    Effective advertising starts with year-round presence. Bringing customers right to your doorstep, the Yellow books will give you next level visibility.

  • Icon of a web browser with a Yellow logo overlayed.

    Yellow Profile

    The easiest way to get your business online. Give your customers all the information they need about your business. Yellow profiles enjoy the benefits of our high Google ranking.
  • Icon with a web browser and a magnifying glass, with dollar symbol.

    Search Ads

    Target customers searching on google for the things you offer. It's highly targeted advertising that brings more business, you can accurately measure.

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