New Zealand's Small Business Nation 2023

Reflecting the state of our small business nation, this report is a snapshot of what's on SMEs minds for the coming year.

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It’s a very exciting time for us as through Yellow we are starting to fully realise our potential."

Anita Wigl'it | Phoenix Cabaret


Mike Pero Real Estate

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Robyn's Undies

We are Yellow

As a business, we're committed to leadership that empowers staff, customers and communities to feel valued and respected for their individuality, ideas and goals. People drive what we do, so they are the foundation for our values as a business and how we operate.
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Environment & Sustainability

We’re committed to delivering solutions that work for our customers. As part of this commitment we constantly explore more sustainable solutions and we’ll continue to monitor how people are using Yellow Books and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Recyclable 100px Books in your region 100px
100% recyclable book Books in your local region
The paper used for our books is sourced from sustainable forestry products that promote the replanting of trees. Over 1.6 million books distributed nationally by over 292 community groups. 77% of Yellow Print searches leads to contact with a business. [Source: Nielsen CMI YE Q4 19]

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