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About 018®

At 018®, the service we offer Kiwis is simple. We're the people you call when you're looking for a phone number. It can be for a home or business, an 0800 or 0900 number, a mobile number and we can even help with addresses. In most cases, you can connect to the number by pressing 1*.

Full terms and conditions for 018® can be found here, and (among other things) cover our use of your information and our call recording policy.

Just give us a bell with what you're looking for — the location can be helpful too — and we'll get straight to it. If you call us from your mobile a lot, check out our new 018VIP® service to see if it tickles your fancy.

If you're overseas and looking for a number in New Zealand, your best bet is to use or or try using the international directory service of the country you're in.

The Mobile 018VIP® service

Ever been out-and-about and need a hand to find a business, person or place? Like the idea of a PA at the end of the phone? Mobile 018VIP® might be just the ticket!

We're at the end of the phone to search the internet when you can't: make bookings, check movie times and give you directions from A to B. And best of all there's no extra cost. Just register your mobile number and you're away laughing. Our specialists based in Palmerston North will help with all normal directory enquiries as well as shop opening hours, sports results, weather forecasts and flight times.

What you get with 018® PLUS:

  • Personalised Greeting - We'll know it's you calling, every time
  • TextBack - We'll text you the information you've just asked for
  • CallBack - If you've given us a curly one, we won't hold you up. We'll give you a callback as soon as we've cracked it

Frequently asked questions

You can register your mobile number to get access to our Mobile 018VIP® service.
Read more here to find everything you need to know.
  • How does 018VIP® work?

    When you register your mobile number, we'll know it's you and scoot your call straight to the VIP team.
  • What does 018VIP® cost?

    There's no extra cost — it's the same as the regular 018® service.
  • But what's the catch?

    No catches. We just get that people calling when they're out and about have different needs so we're here to help.

Telco Providers

There's a small charge for the 018® service and this will appear on your phone bill. To see what your telco will charge, click on their name below. Availability of the Direct Connect service is dependent on how your service provider presents your call to 018®. You will not be offered the option to Direct Connect if you call from a prepaid mobile or toll barred phone or if you request an 0900 number*.

We're here to help!

If you have any questions about 018® or the 018VIP® service, just complete the form below and our team will be in touch. If you prefer, our fax number is 0800 114 753 or if snail mail is your thing, you can write to us at:

018® / Yellow® 604 Great South Road Penrose Auckland 1051
018® / Yellow® PO Box 17157 Greenlane Auckland 1546