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The paleo diet is the diet we as humans ate as hunter gatherers, real food, meats, seafood, fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. WE are a long way from that diet as and a result we suffer numerous health and weight issues. By eating a diet in line with out genetic heritage health and energy improve, fat is lost easily and appetite and cravings are controlled.
I use paleo principles (a focus on food quality) combined with zone diet principles for portion control and balance for the best diet plan possible for humans. This plan is balanced, healthy, low glycemic load, and high in nutrients.

I have used this plan with hundreds of clients and the health benefits are remarkable. Many health issues resolve including: headaches, joint pains, excess weight, sugar cravings, bloating, PMS and more.
Please take a look at some of real people's results in my blog here:

Registered Nurse and Nutritionist Julianne Taylor can work with you either in a one on one consultation or in group seminars, to help you put the revamp your diet. She looks at your health issues and goals and designs a meal plan based on food preferences. She can also recommend supplements that might be of benefit.

For more information on products and services, click on the web link above or give Julianne a call today.

What makes us different?

For a renewed, inspired approach to nutrition, Zone Nutrition Ltd can help you feel a new level of health an well-being. We focus upon the quality of food, encouraging high nutrient anti-inflammatory foods that we as humans are thrive on. For more information, call and speak to our team of professionals today.

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