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Health and Safety in Employment Act

About WorkSafe New Zealand

WorkSafe NZ is New Zealand's workplace health and safety regulator.

New Zealand has unacceptably high rates of workplace fatalities, serious harm injuries and work related disease and illness. We are working collaboratively to achieve a 25 percent reduction by 2020 of the workplace death and injury toll. Work is also underway to establish occupational health reduction targets.

Our focus is to embed and promote good workplace health and safety practices. We are also the regulator for electricity and gas safety in the workplace and home.

WorkSafe NZ's approximately 350 staff are located in 20 offices across New Zealand.

We work closely with employers, employees and others to:

  • educate them about their workplace health and safety responsibilities
  • engage them in making changes that reduce the chances of harm
  • enforce workplace health and safety legislation.

Workplace assessments

Each year health and safety inspectors carry out 12,500 workplace assessments. These are proactive, planned visits and are not usually triggered by a report of serious harm or a health and safety complaint.
At least 80% of workplace assessments are targeted to industries identified in the Health and Safety National Action Agenda 2010-2013 as high risk, which includes Agriculture, Forestry, Construction and Manufacturing.

Other assessments

WorkSafe New Zealand will carry out 3,500 HSNO workplace assessments each year, with a key focus being on the Canterbury Rebuild. It will deliver at least 60 High Hazard assessments, inspections, audits and safety cases and complete regulatory visits to at least 150 electrical suppliers and audit at least 40 products.

Receive and respond to notifications and reported risk or harm

Anybody can provide a notification, or report an actual harm/risk of harm matter in a workplace to WorkSafe.

WorkSafe's Response Centre is available 24 hours to receive notifications or reports or risk or harm. WorkSafe makes timely decisions on issues and the appropriate level of response.


At least 1,000 Health and Safety and HSNO onsite investigations are undertaken by WorkSafe each year. Investigations may be carried out to determine the causes of harm in the workplace, whether action has been taken or needs to be taken to prevent recurrence or where compliance or enforcement action (including prosecutions) may be required.

Providing guidance and information

WorkSafe provides a wide range of information and guidance about health and safety in the workplace. Up to 35 standards are produced each year by WorkSafe, in collaboration with businesses, workers and other key stakeholders.

Energy Safety

Energy Safety is the government agency responsible for providing an effective investigation, compliance, enforcement, and conformance regime for achieving electrical and gas safety outcomes.
Because electricity and gas can be hazardous for people, their property, and the environment if not used properly, Energy

HSNO functions

From 1 September 2014, WorkSafe will undertake certain hazardous substance functions under the Hazardous Substance and New Organisms (HSNO) Act.

National programmes

National programmes focus on reducing the number of workplace deaths and injuries in the sectors where the most harm is occurring. Internationally it is recognised that proactive work has the biggest impact on improving workplace health and safety.

The Proposed Safety Star Rating Scheme (SSRS)

The proposed Safety Star Rating Scheme is one of the elements in the Government's wider strategy to reduce workplace deaths, injury and work related illness in New Zealand businesses.


Make safety our strength - Too many workers are dying, being badly injured or becoming ill in our workplaces. New Zealand's health and safety record is terrible, twice as bad as Australia and we're even further behind the UK.

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What makes us different

We have developed a series of nationally coordinated programmes based on good data, research and evaluation to address the health and safety performance in Forestry, Construction, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors.

We educate stakeholders by providing relevant information, advice and guidance so they can understand and implement key health and safety practices.

We enforce workplace health and safety through various regulatory tools like educating and engaging, to holding those who do not comply accountable.


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