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I have the honor of being able to work with some of our New Zealand rare native Timbers, turning what were storm-damaged trees into functional art workthe Wooden Bowl.
In contrast to traditional wooden bowls, with their utilitarian shapes, Gavin has reinvigorated the form with his flair for including the natural edge of the log, along with burl, bark and other inclusions, giving his finished pieces a real feel for the tree that it came from.
The fineness of the bowls Gavin turns is a testament to his skill but also a wonderful expression of the strength of the material he uses which are primarily New Zealand native timbers.
Gathering a majority of the wood he uses from Kawau Island, where he lives, from trees which have blown down in storms. He works them in his turning studio removing 90% of the wood in a process which is quite amazing to watch.
As Gavin says, he tries to approach every piece with the mindset that it will, one day, become a family heirloom. This, he says, frees him up to spend the time to achieve just the right shape, balance and finish that each piece deserves.

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