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Wellington Mowing is a locally owned and operated business. We aim to bring a professional service in a friendly manner. Taking care of all your lawns and gardening needs. We start with the basics, mowing the lawns and trimming the edges, blowing down the paths and trimming any weeds growing in the cracks. Next is usually the hedge trimming or tree pruning / removal. The result is more space and more light in your property. Wellington Mowing services include: Lawn Mowing, Edge trimming, Trimming of step banks, Catcher mowing, Hedge trimming, Tree pruning, Gardening and weeding, Planting, Mulching gardens, Friendly advice. Wellington Mowing services start with the lawn. You've moved into your home or flat, or its just Spring and the yard needs a tidy up. The place to start with is always the lawn. The reality of owning lawn mowing equipment and having the time to use it is well..........well that's why we are here.

Wellington Mowing services are designed to keep your lawns looking great at all times of the year. So how do we do that? Well it’s all about regular mowing. For most of our properties, we mow fortnightly through Summer / Spring and monthly through Winter and Autumn. As a result the grass growth is dense, lush and green. If a lawn is not mowed regularly and the grass growth is left to get deep, then when it is mowed, the result is a lawn full of tufts, bare patches, uneven growth and no green left. Unfortunately this is the results that most people get when mowing their own lawns as they just don't have the time to make it a regular occurrence. Edge Trimming
Getting the edges right on your lawn is not the easiest thing to do, It takes practice. You also need to invest a bit of money and a line trimmer as well as the lawn mower that you just bought. And there's nothing worse than a lawn that is being mowed without the edges been trimmed. Edge trimming as part of our service and it's something we take pride in. Hedge Trimming
Hedge trimming is another service we offer here at Wellington Mowing. Of course its all about getting a straight line. The more often a hedge is trimmed the denser it will grow and the better its going to look. Trimming a hedge stimulates growth and any holes or dead areas tend to get filled with new growth.

Its always amazing to see what straight lines do for the look of a property, and even just a basic trim on a small hedge can create a very profound effect. Many plants are good for creating hedges with but our favorite is Corokia.

Anouther common variety is Pittosporum. See the adjacent picture for a well maintained Pittosporum hedge. This variety does make for very dense and easy to trim hedges. With small leaves that form a tight structure, it makes a great privacy barrier as well as wind break. They are capable however of growing into large trees so regular trimming, as with any hedge, is the key to a full looking hedge.
And Below that is Buxus. Better for smaller hedges that boarder paths and lawns. It has more of the country garden type look than the other NZ native plants and if well maintained has a deep green that contrasts well will alot of other garden plantings.

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