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Water is a precious, limited resource. Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability are absolutely vital to running a modern business. WaterForce supply, install and service are a complete range of water management and irrigation products. Products include centre pivots, irrigators, sprinklers, drip & fixed irrigation, pumping systems, filtration & treatment, effluent systems and monitoring devices.

At WaterForce we work across the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, industrial/commercial and lifestyle sectors. We have invested significantly in our irrigation expertise and technology to make sure it meets and exceeds the growing demands of the sector.

We provide following irrigation systems:
- Pivots / Linear - Pivots move around a centre point, operate in either direction and can complete either a part-circle or full-circle operation.

  • Travelling Irrigators - A Hard Hose irrigator, also known as a Hose Reel machine consists of a polyethylene (PE) pipe coiled on steel 'cotton reel'. Attached to the PE is either a trolley and raingun or a boom structure with small sprinklers.

  • Shiftable Irrigation - WaterForce supply and install two types of shift-able irrigation systems.

  • Micro / Mini Sprinklers - WaterForce supply a range of micro-irrigation products for the residential, landscape, horticulture and viticulture sectors.

  • Fixed Sprinkler and Guns - WaterForce supply a range of fixed sprinkler, guns and solid-set products for the landscape, recreational, agriculture, horticulture and industry sectors.

  • Pop Up Sprinklers - WaterForce supply a full range of high quality pop-up sprinklers with models to suit almost every shape or area. We promote the latest nozzle and stream control technology to ensure our products apply water in the most uniform manner.

What makes us different?

With over 25 years of industry experience, our team have the practical and technical know-how to get any Irrigation job done to the highest standard. We sell irrigation systems for agriculture, horticulture, council and industry, and residential purposes. We are totally New Zealand owned and operated.

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146 Fairs Road Palmerston North Palmerston North 4414

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Products and services

  • Valley Centre Pivots
Markets Served
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Design
  • Pumping
  • Filtration

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PO BOX 11011 Hastings 4158


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