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Originally from Kaitaia, Jim and Ivy Rickit moved to Auckland January 14th 2000. The original drive, "What are you doing for the new Millennium?" With three adolescent teenagers and two dogs, we thought the best opportunities for us and our family lay in Auckland.

Jim found employment with Disposex, a small rubbish collection business started by Dave Gill.
After working for Disposex for 2 years Jim branched out on his own calling himself Wastex and then 6 months later buying Dave Gills truck.

Ivy managed the office initially and then George, our youngest son started in 2003. James our older son started in January 2004 and Jade, our daughter started in October 2004 as Office Assistant allowing Ivy to become more involved with office systems and procedures, and all becoming Full Time staff of Wastex.

In 2007 we were fortunate enough to purchase a commercial property no more than 500 meters from our home, two streets away which means I can walk to work, yeah right! Anyway, it is very close to home and we love it. "Keep home and work separate". I now understand this!

As a family we put our heads down and worked on what we had started. We were excited! It's fair to say we had some testing times and our fair share of ups & downs. As a family we stuck together, these experiences only made us stronger.

Now after 18 years in the High-Rise Demolition and Waste Removal Trade, our daily emphasis is stronger then ever on clear communication, staff training/upskilling, Health and Safety and respect to all. Some of our core values that help us daily include...
The Customer is always right.
It is our pleasure to solve your problem.
We will give and do the best we can at all times.
We are always happy to solve any issues.
Our Team are fully aware of these values and practice them daily.

Fast forward to April 2016, it is now over 6 years that James has managed Wastex, his role is more to the tender/invoices and onsite supervision when time allows. His managing skills are getting better every day and I have absolute faith, James can full this position well.

George has been back from his O.E. since December 2014 ( Not a moment too soon ). This has allowed him to become Team Manager/Supervisor of all workers and helping with Tenders & Quotations, giving him a comprehensive view of the business.

Jade is now Office Manager and together with her personal assistant take care of all our administration needs as well as being the "Meat in Sandwich". A peace maker between her 2 brothers, ( her most important role ), besides a mother and wife.

These roles allow our sons and daughter to have a readymade, durable conflict sorting forum for the 3 of them to work through issues by themselves or collectively. If not, certainly Ivy & I will have thoughts to offer always.

Ivy & I have now moved to Director Roles and now spend a lot of spare time at our farm in Kaitaia. James, Jade & George share responsibilities of managing the day to day running of Wastex.

As a family we are excited at the future potential. We have made huge steps in the last 5 years in handling the day to day running of Wastex to our children and although it has not always been easy, Its now a pleasure for Ivy and I to watch them grow.

I will finish with the 3 things I keep reiterating to my family.... Patience, Baby Steps and Happy Thoughts!!

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