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New Zealand's master agent of Vibiemme espresso machines, Mazzer Coffee grinders, Sodastream professional sparkling water coolers, Brita water filters, Motta stainless coffee accessories and Pulycaff coffee detergents

Domobar Super. The Best coffee machine for home espresso! This authentic and stylish espresso machine is 100% made in Italy (since 1985) and re-engineered by Espresso Engineers for New Zealanders! Domobar espresso machines have a heat exchange boiler to ensure a consistent 92 degrees coffee temperature and the most powerful steam pressure in its class. For well balanced espresso full of flavour and aroma, togeather with thick velvety milk, giving you a flat white as good as you will get anywhere in the world. Make no mistake this is the ultimate at-home commercial espresso machine for those who really know their coffee. Built to last and made to deliver a perfect cup every time.

Mazzer Coffee Grinders. It's impossible to overstate the importance of a good grinder in the espresso making process; but perhaps if we say that 70% of a good coffee comes from the grinder, it will go some way towards explaining how important it is.

Why, we hear you ask. It's largely because espresso preparation is harsh; it's just about the harshest brewing method you can throw at a coffee bean and still produce something that tastes heavenly. Good espresso brewing uses over 9 bar of water pressure: that's more than 130 PSI of pressure extracting in 25 seconds. But in order to achieve this critical extraction time, the coffee must be freshly ground, but more than that, the particles must be of a precise size and volume to produce the very best result. And that can only be achieved with an excellent grinder.

Motta accessories are Italian designed and made from the highest quality stainless steel. So not only will they look great in your kitchen, they¿re also made to last and offer superior functionality.

Brita water filters. Given water makes up 95% of an espresso, filtering the water supply correctly is extremely important - not just for the taste of your coffee but also to avoid build up in the machine. The most important factor is having a neutral pH of 7: less makes the water acidic and more makes it alkaline. Brita water filters have been designed to produce water at a consistent pH of 7.

The Brita filters also remove a number of substances in the water such as chlorine which will oxidise aromatics and oils, iron which affects flavour and colour, and high concentrations of calcium and magnesium which if left in the water will lead to scale deposits that will ultimately cause costly repairs to you machine.

Pulycaff. Please remember it¿s vital to clean your machine regularly to eliminate buildup of coffee oils and particles which cause your coffee to taste burnt and bitter.

Sodastream professional. Fresh Sparkling Water Always. Sodastream professional is 100% made in Italy available under bench or on top, delivering filtered chilled, still and sparkling water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and helps save the environment from plastic bottle wastage.

Let Valente bring the best of the world to you... Quality equipment to deliver the best coffee, independent expertise and advice, innovative design and committed service is what you get when you buy from Valente Ltd.

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We are committed in providing the best products and after sale servicing to customers across New Zealand and hence have strengthened our connection with the country's best servicing company, Espresso Engineers.


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