About Tirikatene Rino MP for Te Tai Tonga

MP for Te Tai Tonga

Spokesperson for Customs and Fisheries

Tirikatene Rino MP led the project to establish Te Ohu Kaimoana as an accredited International Development NGO, and become the first pan-Maori organisation to move into international development under the governments new economic development aid mandate.

Successfully completed projects for Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) spearheading activities in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville aimed at forging relationships with Maori resource interests and PNG resource owners and development groups.

Over four years in legal practice in a national law firm specialising in corporate business law.

Rino has been an effective member of parliament, being appointed to many spokesperson roles including Customs and Tourism, and associate roles in Maori Affairs, Small Business and Forestry.

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Private Bag 18041 Parliament Buildings Wellington 6160


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