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Bowden distribution line fault path indicators.
Arteche medium and high voltage current transformers & voltage transformers. Auxiliary trip and lockout relays.
NGK insulation electrical, insulators transmission line, insulators sub station.
Qualitrol transformer accessories, temperature indicators, flow indicators, transformer pressure relief devices, liquid level controllers, level controls.
Wabtec Railway Electronics railway recorders, railway instruments, railway braking equipment.
Sole NZ Distributor:
Basler electrical generation synchronizers, electronic controls, excitation systems, frequency relays, generator controls, generator protection relays, motor protection relays, multifunction protection relays, reverse power
relays, undercurrent relays, voltage relays, voltage regulators, relays, ac undercurrent relays, current relays, overcurrent relays, phase failure relays, power relays, power factor relays, synch-check relays..
Multitek isolators, active-reactive power transducers, current transducers, current relays, direct current transducers, electrical transducers, frequency relays, generator protection relays, phase angle transducers, phase failure relays, power transducers, resistance transducers, reverse power relays, synch-check relays, tap position transducers, temperature transducers, voltage transducers, voltage relays, watt-var transducers, frequency transducers, measuring transducers, power factor transducers, meters electrical, meters electricity, meters electronic, meters digital, meters panel, meters power, meters power factor, ammeters, meters angle, meters energy, meters frequency, meters maximum demand, meters phase, voltmeters, wattmeters, programmable multifunction transducers.
Trench reactors, ac power compensators, powerline carrier equipment, electrical line traps, inductors high voltage, reactive power regulators.


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