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About Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (The Correspondence School)

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu - The Correspondence School

We provide distance education from early childhood level to Year 13 to thousands of students every year. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds with diverse learning needs.
Our learning advisors, teachers and in-region staff work with students, their whanau and communities to help our students achieve their potential.

Our authentic learning approach ensures students have learning programmes which are meaningful and relevant, and based on each student's passions and goals.

We also support schools to provide an extensive curriculum and support to students in their community.

Our early childhood programme provides quality early childhood education to children who are unable to attend an early childhood education centre locally, either for reasons of distance and isolation or because demand exceeds the places available in their area.

Our Vision

Our vision is 'students achieve their educational and personal goals, enabling them to participate effectively as members of their communities'.

Please see our current annual plan on this page for more details of the programmes and initiatives we are putting in place to help achieve our goal.

Learning With Us

Many of our courses have online or digital components so access to a computer with internet is advisable for most students and is a requirement for dual students enrolled in NCEA courses.

In addition to online content, we may provide a range of other teaching materials including workbooks, readers, CDs and DVDs, interactive CD-ROMs, textbooks, mathematics and science boxes, art packs, and craft materials for technology.

If you're a full-time, fee-paying or young adult student, we'll work with you to develop a programme of learning that meets your needs. As a full-time or fee-paying student, you'll have a learning advisor (similar to a form teacher or class teacher) who will be your main point of contact at school.

Our Students

Our students come from across New Zealand and from all walks of life. Chances are they have enrolled with us because a face-to-face school is not currently the best option for them. Others may live a long way from the nearest school or be travelling overseas.
We also have a large number of dual students who study just one or two courses with us and do most of their learning in a face-to-face school, regional health school, activity centre, teen parent unit or with an alternative education provider. Young adult students (aged 16 to 19 years) and adult students can also study just one subject, or several, with us.

Subjects and Courses

We offer a wide range of learning programmes from early childhood level to Year 13. You can study full-time or part-time, depending on your circumstances.

You may also be able to enrol as a dual student if you meet the Ministry of Education's eligibility criteria for dual enrolment. Dual students must be enrolled by the host school.

Many of our courses require access to the Internet to complete some or all of the course components. Our course selection guide Choice indicates which courses require a computer and access to the Internet.

Years 1 to 6

Learning advisors of students in years 1 to 6 work closely with parents and supervisors to develop an individualised programme for each student based on the eight learning areas in the New Zealand curriculum.

Years 7 to 10 / Te Ara Hou

Students enrolled in Te Ara Hou (meaning 'new pathway') will have a personalised learning programme based on their individual needs, interests and goals. Te Ara Hou offers an integrated programme of work which combines skills and knowledge from two or more subjects as well as more traditional subject-based learning.

Years 11 to 13

You can choose from a wide range of subjects to earn credits towards NCEA as well as the National Certificate in Mathematics and National Certificate in Computing.

What makes us different

Te Kura offers personalised learning programmes to students from all walks of life; they have diverse interests, needs and goals. We work in partnership with students, whanau, schools and communities to provide personalised, authentic learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant, based on each student's passions and goals.


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