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About Steel & Tube

Steel & Tube is New Zealand¿s leading provider of steel solutions and a proud New Zealand company with over 60 years of trading history in this country. With a national network of branches and distribution centres, S&T engages in markets and projects across infrastructure, construction (commercial and residential), heavy and light engineering, energy, manufacturing, viticulture and rural sectors.

The company distributes and manufactures steel products ¿ from nuts, bolts, nails, piping, roofing and farm fencing, to the largest structural steel products used in commercial construction, such as purlins, girts, joists, universal beams and seismic mesh.

Industrial and Rural Fencing Solutions

We are proud manufacturers and suppliers of products to support New Zealand¿s key agricultural, horticultural and viticultural industries. We provide Hurricane Wire Products, as New Zealand¿s largest manufacturer and rural distributor of reinforcing, fencing, fence panels, wire, gates and nail products.

Commercial and Residential Fencing

With a name that represents innovation mixed with rugged reliability, Hurricane fencing has a wide range of solutions from panel fences, security panels, pool fencing and chainlink solutions. We also provide a range of gates and related fittings to ensure the picture perfect finish your clients expect.

Rural Fencing

With a strong history focusing on that number 8 fencing wire attitude that is synonymous with Kiwi fencing, Hurricane Rural fencing products provide a robust and time tested solution that you can trust to hold strong. We have a wide range of rural fence and gate solutions to suit whatever you are wanting to fence in.

Hurricane Roll Netting

Hurricane Hex & Weldfab netting is available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and heights. This netting is made for everything from contruction industry clients, through to the DIY market.

Hurricane Specialist Wire

We can provide both high tensile and specialty wires and provide a cut & straighten service to ensure your fence lines look as straight as you know they are.


We have a metal fastening solution for every application. Our products are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, general engineering, fabrication and retail sectors. We have a diverse product range to cater to everything from a small job, to large construction projects.

Hurricane Reinforcing

We are one of the largest suppliers of fabricated reinforcing products including steel mesh, bars ,ties, piles, beams and columns. Whatever you need to reinforce, we will have a solution to ensure your project stands the test of time.

Industrial Supplies

We have a variety of industrial products which include:

  • Loctite, Bostik ashesives and sealants
  • Drills and Drill Sets
  • Grinding Disks and cut off wheels
  • Circlips, cotter pins, tension pins, dowell pins
  • Stainless steel hose clips
  • + Much More

If you need any form of metal product for your project, Steel & Tube are the ones to see.

Divisional Contact Information

0800 800 947 Hurricane (Phone)
0800 808 141 Hurricane (Fax)
0800 478 335 General Steel Enquiries
0800 100 260 Chain & Rigging (Phone)
0800 100 397 Chain & Rigging (Fax)
0800 427 663 Roofing (Sales)
0800 333 247 Roofing (Technical Assistance)
0800 426 587 Fastenings
0800 474 735 Pipe & Valve
0508 782 465 Stainless Steel


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