About Sandra Singleton

Mental / Emotional / Physical - The three main bodies to keep in shape and to balance like a well-oiled machine.

Modern trends lean toward a personal coach for physical excellence in the gym... Why stop at the physical?... Why go for half measures?... when to achieve the ULTIMATE is to focus on the WHOLE.
The soul needs to know that the body is working towards the OPTIMUM.


I am a Clairvoyant Numerologist. Using my Natural Clairvoyance with the Age Old teachings of Numerology, I will show you the way to recognise and understand your place in relation to your Family, Personal or Business life: finding the way to the solution hidden from you at the moment.
I can save you time, stress and money through Intuitive Communications.
Tarot card reading by request.

Pre-booked appointments.

Handwritten requests please, which enables me to psychomatrise the paper. 2-3 questions, your name (known as) and date of birth. Family readings: included in your questions, please add $NZ5 per person (overseas clients, please check current currency exchange rates). We can then agree on a time for you to ring me.
Please phone for current fees.


This is mainly for cats and dogs, although I have been asked to locate horses!
"Lost" jewelry is acceptable as well as car keys.
But lost gumboots? No!! Go buy another pair.

I originally registered with the SCNZ - The Spritualist Churches of New Zealand, and so the rules and regulations set by the government of the time have kept me in good stead throughout the years. Although my method is known as "handsoff", I also use a pendulum.

This is a free charge as I am working for the soul; the body is just the souls overcoat which takes the knocks and bangs of life. Animals respond very well to this method and I know horses love to receive as well as Dobermans, Dachshunds, and cats. I would love the opportunity to be an Elephant Whisperer!!

Again, I would be working for the trapped soul, who maybe can't find their way off the earth plane.

Very rarely this is needed, but can be done.

A variety of clients over the last 35 years has certainly kept me on my toes! I started on Auckland's North Shore at the Parapsychology school in Takapuna. It was an amazing experience which took five years of study rising to a consultant and tutor under the guidelines of Francie Williams - the director.


Penny of Taupo says... "I am pleased that I contacted you last week. I should have phoned you a lot sooner. The call would have saved me a lot of time and money."

Shaun of Dunedin mentions... "Amazing! I will certainly give your phone number to friends - I can think of two people already who will benefit from your wisdom."

Eve of North Shore... "Thanks Sandra for that confirmation, I miss the White Flame Oasis group. I hope you are creating one for Wanganui."

Ring me to find out more.

Servicing: Whanganui Area, Marton Area, Waiouru Area, Raetihi Area, Hunterville Area, Taihape Area, Ohakune Area

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Whanganui Area , Marton Area , Waiouru Area , Raetihi Area , Hunterville Area , Taihape Area , Ohakune Area

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