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About Purely Essential Ltd

Purely Essential was founded in 2019 by Claudia Sidhu who has been working in the Health & Wellbeing industry in Germany, Australia and New Zealand for 25+ years to use her longtime experience from thousands of clients, to provide healthier, highly efficient and at the same time very cost-effective Restorative and Therapeutic personal care products to health-conscious people, that no longer can be convinced to daily feeding their body with products full of damaging chemicals! What followed was an uncompromised usage of the highest quality of
- 'New Zealand' certified organic and
- 'Therapeutic-grade' ingredients from
- Reputed local suppliers
as well as a gentle, handcrafted manufacturing process that allowed the creation of a high-end product line that is incredibly effective but at the same time doesn't break the bank. 'Good' doesn't always mean expensive! Many of the contents we use have been well documented in numerous scientific studies in the past and there is growing interest in the industry to replace synthetic chemicals with natural compounds with bioactive properties that have shown many times to be much more gentle on the human body and manifold more effective than most mainstream products! The Purely Essential products range from everyday Restoratives such as
- Collagen promoting Anti Aging Serums that deeply hydrate and plump fine lines,
-After Shave Moisturizers that stop Razor-Burn and soothe and calm the irritated skin,
-Blissfully scented Body Moisturizers that help to keep dreaded cellulite at bay and rejuvenate the entire body with powerful antioxidants,
-'Revive & Thrive' a Hair Root Strengthener and Hair Restorative that helps to provide a daily nutrient shot for your hair to grow thick, long, and strong again.
Then there are the more therapeutic oriented products that help to solve real problems such as
-'ToeNail Rescue' against stubborn and persistent, re-occurring nail fungus, or
-'Lip Blemish Rescue' that helps to wave cold sores goodbye, or
-'Intimate Balance' that helps bacterial balance, soothes and lubricates the most intimate areas to keep them healthy,
-'Hypersensitive Skin Rescue' that is a real relieve for everyone suffering from eczema, or
-The easy roll-on 'Muscle & Joint Recovery' that keeps everything relaxed and functioning after the gym or as we age.
All Purely Essential products have been created with two main goals in mind
helping to slow the natural aging process and
helping people alleviate and control everyday discomforts.
How do Purely Essential Products work?
They simply work due to uncompromised usage of the highest quality ingredients, a gentle handcrafted manufacturing process, and the right combination of compounds in the correct potency. Many of the contents that make each bottle of Purely Essential have been well documented in numerous scientific studies in the past.
We know that potency is a key factor in making the products work incredibly effective and fast. If potency is too weak, the product may not offer all the great benefits the plant essences naturally have. If too strong, one can run the risk to burn the skin and cause an unpleasant reaction. This is the reason why our potency level differentiates us from many other natural products (organic or non-organic) and ensures that our products really do work! Because we never compromise the companies values of Integrity, Purity, Potency, Wellness, and Value for money, we have put a Quality Promise in place:
Purely Essential Quality Promise added into each bottle
- High quality, natural and effective formula
- Formulated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils
- New Zealand certified organic ingredients
- Holistic approach remedy supporting the bodys natural recovery
- Cruelty-free/ Not tested on animals
- Earth-friendly and recyclable material/ saving precious natural resources
We guarantee our Quality Promise for each and every bottle of Purely Essential Products- each and every time!


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