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About Pink Batts glass wool insulation and PinkFit installers

Pink® Batts®

Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation.

When you're building a new home, insulation is a no-brainer.
A warmer, drier, quieter, home makes for a happier, healthier family. We should know. We've been making New Zealand's favourite insulation for over 50 years. In that time a lot of other insulation brands have come on the market. Unfortunately not all are created equal.
You can purchase Pink® Batts® from most major building and hardware stores nationwide.

To find our merchants visit

PinkFit® Installers:

National network of franchised Pink® Batts® approved installers.

We're proud of our product, but it can only work properly if it's installed correctly. Any rogue gaps and spaces will allow warm air to get past the insulation and escape, preventing you getting the most out of your smart investment.

Proper installation is critical for making sure insulation works properly. That's why we recommend getting PinkFit® on the job. They understand the principles of thermal insulation and sound control, so you'll get a quick, clean and professional job.

Call 0800 PINKFIT (0800 746534) to reach a Pinkfit® installer in your area or visit

What makes us different

What makes Pink® Batts® special

Pink® Batts® meets many of the highest independently assessed industry standards for health and safety and environmental sustainability. But even with over 50 years, experience we're not resting on our laurels.

Pinks® Batts® Insulation is better than ever.

Non-combustible: Pink® Batts® insulation will not catch fire or melt easily when exposed to flame, so it's safer for your home in the event of a fire.

Increased Rigidity

Pink® Batts® products are forgiving to touch, making them easier to handle and install. They're also rigid so they won't slump behind your wall and will keep doing a stand up job year after year.

Internationally certified for indoor air quality: the quality of air in a building has a big impact on the occupants health and well-being. That's why we are proud to have attained GREENGUARD certification; an independent standard for indoor air quality.

Glass wool insulation

Glass wool fibres generally perform better than other fibrous insulation and need less weight to achieve the same R-value.
Something for everyone: Pink® Batts® insulation comes in a range of different R-values so it's easier to get the right product for the right job and the right budget.

Pink® Batts® Lifetime Warranty

This warranty serves as a reminder that Pink® Batts® BRANZ appraised wall and ceiling products, when installed correctly, will provide high quality insulation for the lifetime of a home.

Visit for details.


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