About NZ Space Agency

The New Zealand Space Agency's New Space Plane Project is now under way
New Zealand is the best place in the world for an increasing amount of space activity. One of the world¿s first private launch pads is on the North Island & our research institute plans to develop satellite data products to drive regional economic growth. We have scientists involved in international astronomy teams searching for planets orbiting distant stars, and companies and students building satellites. We have engineers and technologists working in space-related activities such as in advanced materials and rocketry. Our space economy is taking off!

What We Do.
The New Zealand Space Agency is an independent Authority Who will conduct research & development in all areas of space, travel, rocketry, science, Technology, Communication, Defence, Satellite & Missions in the best interest of New Zealand & the New Zealand Space Agency Limited.

We will contract to any New Zealand company that wishes to use our services as well as to provide any assistance that other countries who may need rescue situations in outer space or on Earth through the use of our satellites. ( at this time we do not currently have any satellites in place until 2040. )

43 Parsons Street Vogeltown New Plymouth 4310

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43 Parsons Street Vogeltown New Plymouth 4310


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