About Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic Solutions are importers and distributors of all types of magnetic products for industrial, commercial, and consumer use.

We are located in Hamilton and have the right magnet for you:

  • magnetic blocks (with cam release and eyebolt)
  • welding fixtures (with adjustable angle)
  • grippers (for moving steel sheets and plates)

Plate magnets - Sizes are customized to your requirements, used for removing tramp iron from non-magnetic materials. Can be installed in chutes or suspended above conveyer belts and tubular hopper grates

Holding and retrieving magnets - Many different shapes and sizes with hundreds of commercial and industrial uses. These magnets can lift, suspend, hold and retrieve metal objects up to 100 times their own weight.

Magnetic Sweepers - Clear work sites and important traffic areas of dangerous scrap iron or scattered ferrous metal objects. A number of different models available, with or without wheels. Some models are self-cleaning. Larger, hang-type sweepers for hanging from a forklift are also available. Sweepers can also be made to measure.

For more information, visit our website or contact our team today.

What makes us different?

We import and distribute high-quality magnets and magnetic hardware throughout New Zealand.

We also offer a written Certification service using our Yearly Certified Gauss Meters.

For solutions that effectively suit your needs, contact us today.

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Servicing: Christchurch, Papanui, Taitapu, Prebbleton, Governors Bay, Lyttelton

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Christchurch , Papanui , Taitapu , Prebbleton , Governors Bay , Lyttelton

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Po Box 33 Wellsford Wellsford 0940

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Magnetic Solutions (NZ) Limited


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