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Solar Hot Water and Heating

Freeze your power bills with Ice Solar!
Hot water typically makes up 40-60% of your home¿s energy bill! With a monthly hot water bill for most families over $200 and with power likely to at least double in the next 10 years that represents $24,000 you are likely to spend on heating water in this time!
You can save most of this with a water heater system from Ice Solar for a fraction of this price. Solar energy is free energy so make the most of it.
With a solar thermal system from Ice Solar, you can save over 70% of your power on your hot water heating.
With over 20 years of experience in the solar industry and one of the country¿s top selling solar thermal systems, it¿s always a good time to go Solar with us. Give Ice Solar a call when you want to start your savings!

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