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About Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd services the local New Zealand trawling fleet and the Australian fishing fleets, manufacturing trawl fishing nets, ropes, twines and trawl doors for all sizes of vessels, to the latest designs, and of the most advance materials available. Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd is primarily focused on top quality service and dependability when it comes to maximizing catches and fuel savings.

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd supplies the following Hampidjan Ltd products:

  • MAGNET netting and twines for all kinds of trawling operations
  • DYNLCE 75 mega-ropes for fishing gear, offshore industries and various rope applications
  • GLORIA range of mid-water trawls
  • POLY-ICE - trawl doors, made locally in Nelson by Nalder & Biddle Group

We also have our business NELRIG, providing quality products and services to New Zealand industries and workforce

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd, we take trawling seriously. Call us today for all your product requirements.

What makes us different

Our extensive range of rigging products offers superior strength, performance and durability. We have experienced riggers who are able to discuss the best options and products that are available to fit your needs.

We also have a range of wire rope including quality galvanized, stainless steel and black wire ropes for all your requirements.

Call us today for all your product requirements.


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