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About Grain and Seed Brokers

Regen Farming, Cover Crops, Production Crops, Grain Trading.

Expert Guidance on Seeds, Crops and Soils.

Servicing all of New Zealand. We freight our products nationwide or these can be collected from our store in Washdyke.

We can source and supply virtually any seed you may require:
Cereals, Beets, Brassicas, Herbs, Grasses, Legumes, clovers.
Supplying Seeds for mono species production or for mixtures: pasture, cover crops, companion planting, regenerative farming mixes, clover mix, soil conditioner mixes, nitrogen mixes, break crops, high country mix, pollinator/insect mix and annual/perennial mix

Grain and Seed Brokers seek local New Zealand farmers to supply machine dressed seed in bulk bags or 25kg bags for cover crop and multi-species seed mixes.

We have production crops available for local farmers to multiply for export or local supply

Grain and Seed Brokers has grown out of our passion for seed, plant production and soil biology.

Our mission is to encourage the use of plants which increase soil health, fertility and restore natural balances and build the structure within the soil. Enhancing Carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixation, soil structural development providing food for earthworms, and the soil food web of microorganisms growing in the soil. This is symbiosis the interaction between two different organisms living in close physical proximity, which advantage of both.

We are equipped with an extensive depth of knowledge accumulated after spending 45+ years either directly involved in the seed industry or associated agricultural enterprises.

Having been enriched with relationships forged over many years, we are well placed to offer truly independent advice regarding the supply of seeds, to planting, crops to grow and the use of plants to develop soil structure and enhance production.

Grain and seed Brokers' passion is to encourage the farmer to invest in the whole environmental picture by embracing the entire farming ecosystem and using natural resources; investing in the plants, animals, insects, microorganisms, and the soils. These five individual elements health is vitally important to the development and maintaining of sustainable farming practices and the economic viability of farm operations. We aim to enable farmers to make the most efficient use of nonrenewable resources and on-farm resources, integrating where appropriate the natural biological cycles.

Grain and Seed Brokers' focus on using natural biological cycles and controls to enhance:

soil nitrogen, phosphate levels

reduced leaching of elements

reduced erosion of soils

soil development and health

microorganisms health and their presence in the soil - the soil food web

insects attraction - bees butterflies and other wildlife

Farming benefits from diversity.

The use of multi-species crops adds benefits from diversity

A mixture of species planted simultaneously makes the best use of the benefits offered by each plant

Specialist monoculture seed production replication crops can benefit if sequentially planted with different species as a break crop.

Keeping the soil covered reduces compaction layers and enhance aeration, therefore improving soil structure, condition and root development. Bacteria and fungi benefit the growth of plants by fixing nutrients into the soil providing an ideal environment to enhance plant growth, root penetration and carbon sequestration.

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