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We specialise in installing Foamcrete (a lightweight foam concrete) as underfloor thermal insulation in new homes, which functions as protection against rising damp in existing timber floored homes.
First developed in Denmark, Foam Concrete has been available worldwide for over 80 years. Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd provides a flowable foam concrete called Foamcrete which is specifically adapted for our New Zealand conditions and applications.
Foamcrete has a wide range of applications, such as ground sealing and insulating under timber floored house to trench backfilling.
When choosing a reliable foundation for your building, make sure to pick Foamcrete. Contact Canterbury Foam Concrete today!

What makes us different?

Canterbury Foam Concrete specialise in providing high quality grouting and underfloor thermal insulation in new homes. We use Foamcrete, an advanced product that helps keep your home warm and dry. Our team is skilled at its installation in NZ conditions, so please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote.

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Servicing: Christchurch, Amberley, Darfield, Rangiora, Cheviot, Ashburton, Kaikoura, Culverden

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