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What your skin needs is pure natural skincare products made from organic ingredients, we at Blissful Organic Skincare do just that right here in New Zealand.
In todays world there should be no reason for harmful chemicals in our skincare, but unfortunately it still happens.
Our skin is our largest organ, it is very porous and absorbs what we put on it extremely well, transporting from the outer surface of the skin into both the deeper layers of the skin and into the body. So it makes sense to know exactly what our products are made of.
Our organic and natural products are made from the pure ingredients derived from nature, and every product is made in New Zealand, fresh in small batches to ensure you receive the highest quality.
There are three components of creating moisturized skin humectants, emollients, and occlusives, and our skincare range focuses on these components while balancing your skins pH to provide your skin with exactly what it needs.

If you are tired of trying to decipher the ingredient list on your moisturiser or serum, or getting reactions from your cleanser because of the chemical preservatives, then check out our website:, or flick us an email: We make pure, clean skincare full of fatty acids, vitamins and hydration. But don't just take our word for it.....Try it for yourself.

You can feel safe in knowing that our products are:
Certified Organic
Free of GMO's, Petrochemicals & Pegs
Vegan & Gluten Free
Free of Parabens and Artificial Preservatives
Made in New Zealand

Check out our website:, or flick us an email:

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