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About Apollo Airconditioning

If you could double or triple the life of your air conditioner, wouldn't you?

Few people realise that Air conditioners & Heat Pumps should last 10-15 years. But the reality is most are finished after only 5-6 years.

So don't get short-changed. Maximise the life of yours by getting it installed by professionals. Apollo specialises in air conditioner and heat pump installation. Yes, you can also purchase from us, but when in comes to installation, we are second-to-none.

Here's why you should choose us...

  1. When you get your unit fitted, for your safety and peace of mind, we issue Certificates of Compliance (an electrical certificate that says it has been installed properly). Without this, you put you and your family at risk of fire, and without it you may also void your house insurance.

  2. Penetration - these are the holes bored between the internal and external units. If this is not sealed properly you could potentially end up with a leaky home.

  3. The Evacuation process - this is removing contaminants that may reduce the life of the heat pump. This makes the biggest difference to the longevity of your unit. Poor evacuation means the air conditioner/heat pump might last only 5-6 years vs 15-years.

Plus, there are many other details like hiding pipes etc

Servicing the whole Bay of Plenty, we have lots of experience from working in with builders and come highly recommended by numerous retailers.

Do it right the first time. After purchasing your unit, get it installed by a Specialist Airconditioner/Heat Pump Installer.

For a very competitively priced, value for money installation that ensures your unit goes the distance - call Paul at Apollo Airconditioning today.


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