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Why Yellow

Our customers are more than partners in business, they are our reason for being.

From the business idea suggested by a mate, to the one stumbled across in the kitchen, when you first went to work with dad, accidentally solved a problem or found a better way of doing it - when you had the idea, but no idea where to start. Kiwi ingenuity is unique, found in every corner of the nation and we want to see every single business idea soar.

Yellow is where people go to access all things marketing under one roof. For just a few moments of your time and a fraction of the cost - we can get your business firing online in minutes.

We're all about bringing small businesses real results, with the right mix of marketing to meet their unique needs, goals and knowledge. We want you to feel confident, plan for tomorrow, and achieve success on your terms. As you punch above your weight, delight your customers and bring Kiwi ingenuity and hard mahi to the world.

Human connection is everything to us at Yellow

As a business, we're committed to leadership and policies that empower staff, customers and communities to feel valued and respected for their individuality, ideas and goals. People drive what we do, so it only makes sense that they’re the foundation for our values as a business and for how we operate.

Our customers are more than partners in business, they are our reason for being.

Bringing people to the forefront of our business strategy allows us to cultivate a richer culture built on belonging, embracing vulnerability and establishing purpose. These elements shape the way we work and keep us striving to do more for our customers. We think about every move from a planning mindset, being brave, high performance, overall wellness, customer at heart and pathways for growth. We are overcoming our own hurdles, and we can help you work through yours too. Every business needs someone in their corner.

You dream it, we’ll help you do it - we’re bloody backing you all the way.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Badge image: Diversity Awards for "Walk The Talk" Winner.
Badge image: Emerging Diversity and Inclusion - Winner
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In Partnership with The Aunties

We’re a whanau who believe in acting with aroha, humanity and vulnerability. It’s in our DNA. We wanted to partner with people doing real mahi in the community, to support and enable them at a grassroots level. From the moment we met Jackie of The Aunties, she inspired us to do more.

The Aunties are an essential part of our Yellow whanau, who we are honoured to support. The Aunties walk alongside those living with domestic violence to guide, listen, and provide a voice until they are confident enough to walk in their own power.

We hold the mahi they do so close to our hearts, and a growing community of people relies on them for support. The Aunties, Jackie and Phil, are a bedrock of support, and their work is complex and crucial.

A fundamental part of Yellow and who we are, is stepping into vulnerability for the betterment of our friends, family, whanau and wider community. We are passionate and purposeful about giving back to those in need - not just our partners in businesses. It starts by challenging ourselves to step into vulnerability, having tough and uncomfortable conversations about such things as domestic violence.

In Partnership with Tupu Toa

TupuToa seeks to ensure corporate Aotearoa is representative of our country, by providing career pathways for Maori and Pacifica students across NZ. This in turn develops and empowers their people and builds the cultural capability of their partners.

We share our workspace with the amazing Tupu Toa as we are equally committed to a fundamental shift in business practices and culture, maximising Māori and Pacific potential in the workplace and creating opportunities for Māori and Pacific leaders. Through this partnership we host interns from their programme who we are delighted to welcome into our Yellow whānau.