Programmatic Ads

Extend your reach across platforms, devices and audiences with Programmatic ads. Combining programming, big data, and digital media into a powerful platform Yellow’s Programmatic Solution gives you the power to truly maximise your marketing.

  • Range of creative ad options
  • Highly targeted audience
  • Cost-effective

What are Programmatic Ads?

Similar to Google Display Ads, Programmatic Ads are highly visual ads designed to capture your targeted audience’s attention. Combining a range of creative options and formats with big data, you can advertise across a wider range of platforms than ever before for maximum impact.

How do they work?

Programmatic Ads appear on websites and apps outside of the Google Display Network and operate off a bid system. When a viewer clicks onto a site or app that has ads enabled, an auction is started and our platform determines whether the viewer matches the criteria set in place for your ad, if this is the case then a series of bids take place and if your ad is successful it’s shown. This is all automated and happens in microseconds.

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Range of creative ad options

Rather than being limited to text-image-based ads, Programmatic opens you up to rich media like video and audio that’s more likely to make a splash.
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Highly targeted audiences

Instead of casting your net far and wide, you can reach an audience that’s more likely to engage by targeting based on behavioural, placement, tech or devices, and demographics.
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Thanks to the nature of programmatic, you have the opportunity to compete on the same level as big brands - all without breaking the bank.
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Brand awareness

Elevate your brand product or service to new heights and get notices on thousands of websites without involving a large media company.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a DSP?

    Where the magic happens, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) is where advertisers and agencies bid and buy ad spaces. Combining a number of ad exchanges into one centralised platform streamlines the process, allowing for more refined analysis and optimisation for campaigns.
  • How targeted can you get?

    Get as close to your audience as you like, with the ability to target by behavioural, placement, tech or devices. Plus, with advanced geo-location targeting you can reach potential customers within driving or walking distance of a specific location, like your shop, a mall or other areas of interested like billboards, transport stops or even your competitions. So you can make double the impression, maximise your impact or target customers within this specified area.
  • What creative is available?


    The world is your oyster when it comes to programmatic! We have access to over 45 ad exchanges, networks and inventory types all of which can use a variety of ad formats like:

    • Video
    • Mobile
    • In-Gaming
    • Rich Media
    • Standard Media
    • Audio
    • Native
    • CTV (Connected Television)
  • How safe is this?


    Our DSP has 3 layers of safety for your ads:

    • Viewability: A key metric for brands, we provide standard AB viewability tracking with the assistance of machine learning and manual campaign optimisation.
    • Fraud detection: We can exclude fake clickers, high page-view exclusion and many more less than legitimate actions, ensuring that your ads are reaching real people.
    • Safe environment: You can rest easy knowing that your ad isn’t going to be served to a site that might potential damage your brand, by default we have all campagins set to exclude sensitive categories.

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