How your Yellow Online Profile works

Why have one?

Having a Yellow Online Profile puts your business in front of more customers. Think of it as like your business voice and presence online – telling the right people where you are. It helps you get found in Yellow Online or on Google. If you also have a website it's even better, because having links between the two helps both benefit. The same is true for any social media accounts you have, like Facebook. Why? Because Google likes profiles with links to other online places. It shows they're well connected.

How you manage it

Log in to My Yellow, your personal Yellow account. It’s where you manage everything about your online business profile in one simple place. You can access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Simply log in from the top menu bar of

Setting your profile up for success

Check your details and make sure they’re up to date. You can edit your information at any time. All your changes will automatically happen for your profile in the Yellow Mobile App at the same time – all from one place.

Make sure you put in your:
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours
  • Maps and directions
  • A straightforward description of what you sell or do
  • Photos and videos of your products, services or your team

And make sure you select your business category to help boost your search results.

Learn more about how to get the very best performance out of your profile in our Tips & Tricks section – like why you should encourage your customers to write ratings and reviews.