Creating great content

Write for your customers. When they use Yellow, people are looking for products and services, and most are ready to buy, not browse. So you want a simple, easy to read profile that is geared towards showing off your products and telling people about your business in a positive, upbeat way. Make it really easy to understand how what you offer can help people get the results they're after.

1. Put basic information first

People need to get a quick but clear sense of who and what they’re looking at. Help them contact you by giving them up to date information. Give your company name, say what you do, who the owner is, provide all your contact details, and a link to your website if you have one. If there are any other important details about your business, like something you specialise in, put them up front.

2. Help yourself get found

Use keywords in your profile. Keywords are the words customers type in online search when they're looking for something. The trick is to use the same words people use to find your type of business. So don't just tell them you are a plumber. Tell them you can unblock drains, fix leaky pipes and repair dripping taps.

3. Tell people why you are special

Tell people about things that make your company stand out from the competition; things that matter to customers - like the expert skills of your staff or the benefits of the type of equipment you use. For example, if you clean carpets and your equipment provides the deepest clean you can get - tell people about it.

4. Sound right

Write your profile in a way that fits with the industry your company is part of. If you are selling hip new products, then you can use a hip tone. But for more traditional companies, like security firms or financial planners, you should go for a tone and words that communicate security and safety. A good tip is to read profiles of big companies in your industry and adopt the tone and words they use.

5. Be easy to understand

Write in plain English without use of jargon, so that customers who are not familiar with your services or products can easily understand what you’re offering. If you create or sell products or services that are not well known, explain what they are and how they're used in everyday terms, as if you were explaining things to your older aunty. Keep it short and simple.

6. Use more than words

People love pictures. Add nice photographs when it's appropriate, like showing one of the team icing a cake if you are a baker specialising in birthday cakes. Images can say a lot about your business. If they can't be professional shots, they should still be well-taken. Check out our tips on taking pictures to get started.
Photo tips

7. Get your customers to write about you

It's always better if someone else tells people how good you are. Over 83% of customers research, and trust ratings and reviews1. They really matter. Plus, they are a great way to keep content fresh.

Take a look at our ratings and review tips.
Ratings and Reviews tips

Source 1: The Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Study 2015