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We’ve had a great combination with Yellow
over a period of time, ever since we first started!

Garyz Services Ltd

Since a young age, Gary Clark has been a lover of insects! Gary caught the ‘bug’ back in 1983, when he managed one of the biggest MNC restaurant chains. His work colleague was also a Pest Technician and Gary used to help, due to his genuine interest and knowledge of insects. After his colleague left that role, Gary would still receive many calls from existing customers to help control pests. Next thing you know, he got his “Pest Management NZ” certificate and started a full-fledged business in 1993.

Gary’s Services Ltd have been working hard to keep the Whanganui heritage clean, by preventing pests inside households. Always striving for excellence, the team believe in a one-shot solution – get the job done right, so there is no repeat.

Gary and his partner Krystine Davies recognized how complex marketing a business can be, especially with the kids running around and being out in the field. “Just give Yellow a call and they will help with your marketing solutions”, and that’s exactly what they did. Yellow and Gary’s Services Ltd have been on a marketing journey together for 25 years and counting.

They both understand how important it is to adapt, especially in the digital world. With the help of Yellow, they have a website up and running, alongside a Yellow online profile and are in the books.

They are very satisfied to see how his business brand image has thrived, through the success of Yellow advertising and word of mouth. Yellow’s strong understanding of the market has given them a constant flow of customer and they’ve seen an increase in calls for new jobs.

Working with Yellow was a no brainer. They loved how simple the journey has been and have seen the results.

Garyz Services Ltd

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Gary Clarke and Krystine Davies

Garyz Services Ltd

Just give Yellow a call and they will help with your marketing solutions.