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We’ve had a great combination with Yellow
over a period of time, ever since we first started!


Foleys is a great example of a Kiwi family business that spans four generations. With a long history beginning in the 1930s, Foleys has always been known for exceptional customer service, training and the work environment provided to their staff.

Offering plumbing, gasfitting, electrical, drainage and mechanical services in nine South Island locations, Foleys pride themselves on going above and beyond for their customers. They even offer a guarantee that if they’re not there within 30 minutes of the arranged time, the first hour’s labour is free.

Foley’s marketing manager Tracy Pleasants attributes the business’s success to their focus on customer service and a continuous push to raise the bar for the service industry. Going above and beyond every time is their mission statement, and they regularly get feedback from customers that they are achieving this.

The partnership with Yellow enables Tracy to bring a level of consistency to their marketing. It’s a partnership that means she has external support when she needs it, with a combination of solutions including Yellow Pages, Google Ads and Call Tracking.

Tracy notes that the Yellow Pages are still important in their type of business, but they also supplement print with digital offerings. The real clincher for the partnership Tracy says is Yellow’s ability to provide call tracking. It means she knows with certainty how many customer calls are as a result of their Yellow Pages and Google advertising.

Having tangible and measurable results as a marketer is crucial, and Yellow provide Foleys with dynamic reporting that shows the return on their marketing investment, as well as providing crucial support as a trusted advisor.

With such a broad range of services on offer, covering some of the South Island’s main centres, Foleys is committed to getting the job done, when they say they will, with exceptional customer service – Above and Beyond. Every time.


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Craig Foley & Tracey Pleasants


Yellow Pages are still important in this type of business.