Catering South Canterbury

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We’ve had a great combination with Yellow
over a period of time, ever since we first started!

Catering South Canterbury

The reason they’re in business is simple, a true passion for food. Owners of Catering South Canterbury Steve and Christine Inkersell have been partners in running this local business for 15 years and the reason they do it is clear, “eating good food is everything.” says Steve.

The team specialise in weddings, corporate catering, seminars, conferences, reunions, funerals and special occasions and all manner of events with a range of meal options including dinners, luncheons, BBQs, or finger food.

They’re experts with food, but when it came to advertising, they struggled with where to go and what to do. “Everyone told us to go digital, which we found quite daunting. Yellow came on board and made it so much easier,”
says Christine.

Steve and Christine work with Yellow in a few ways to ensure they’re getting the most out of their marketing objectives. With advertising in the Yellow book, they have their print audience in the local area sorted.

Digitally they utilize the power of Yellow’s footprint with a Yellow Profile and they also have a website built and maintained by
the Yellow team.

Catering South Canterbury has a long and proud reputation in the area for quality and they know that while they get to focus on their passion for food, Yellow gets them results with their marketing.

Catering South Canterbury

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Steve and Christine Inkersell

Catering South Canterbury

We get a lot of business through working with Yellow.