Boyce Podiatry

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We’ve had a great combination with Yellow
over a period of time, ever since we first started!

Boyce Podiatry

Boyce Podiatry have been providing specialist foot care in the area for the past 19 years. Currently with two locations – Havelock North and Napier, the busy practices cater for a range of foot and lower-limb problems for people young and old.

They’ve built a solid reputation for both general and specialist musculoskeletal podiatry.They pride themselves in helping people go from better to best throughout the course of their care.

Owner Lynley Boyce enjoys running these busy practices which enable her and her team to help people gain comfort and success. “People come to us often frustrated with niggling pain that won’t go away. Our job is to reassure, and provide solutions to get them back on track. Creating a positive difference is one of our core values,” she says.

When it comes to running the business, Lynley recognizes that it’s very hard to do it all yourself. Before she began working with Yellow she found it was a struggle to know where and how to market, “Our website was terrible and we didn’t know anything about search engines and Google”.

Through her partnership with Yellow, Boyce Podiatry now uses a combination of Yellow’s marketing solutions including a long-standing presence in the books, a Yellow Profile online, Google Ads campaign and her website.

Yellow have made it easy for Lynley to specialize in what she does best – providing excellent care and relief to her clients, while the marketing is in good hands with Yellow.

Boyce Podiatry

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Lynley Boyce

Boyce Podiatry

When you’re busy running a business, you can’t do it all.