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  • RustyRiley
    RustyRiley (0.5)

    18 February 2015

    The worst, by far, of Dunedin's many cab companies -- it's hard to find anything good to say without immediately having to discount it. But here goes -- it's about 10% cheaper than the others, BUT that's because it does things in such a way that it's deservedly on the bottom of the rankings on every criterion -- it's "so-called" manager also handles the phone bookings (how is that possible???) so she's not able to ensure adequate "performance" by the drivers in things like "local knowledge" (often non-existent -- at least if you're a local -- they'll complain if you want to go your own, shorter, cheaper, way; the drivers are sometimes the worst dressed, and the worst smelling; they're arrogant -- other companies will apologise if they take too long to get to you -- here, if you complain, they'll attack you -- maybe even physically!!! Even if you tell them they need to advise you if they're going to be late -- they won't tell you -- for fear of missing out on the fare -- Me? I need to monitor my Blood Sugar Levels at certain times to ensure I'm physically safe, but with this firm, they ignore that and put you at risk!!! So, in essence, for a little cheaper, you'll be physically at risk, and have a much much worse time than with any of the others -- NOT WORTH THE HASSLE. Hopefully, the review of NZ's under-regulated taxi industry as a result of Uber's arrival can mean the way will be open in Dunedin for Uber too; and this company will disappear -- former managers ripped off thousands when it used to be "Grab-a-Cab" in the past, and nearly brought about its demise -- Pity that didn't happen!!!

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