Search Optimisation

Additional Terms

Our Terms of Business at and these Additional Terms apply to Search Optimisation. Except with respect to clause 23 of our Terms of Business, in the event of any conflict between our Terms of Business and these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms shall take priority.

These Additional Terms were last updated on 27 April 2018.


1. Deliverables

1.1. Search Optimisation identifies ways your website may be modified to improve its rankings in the unpaid or “organic” search results of common internet search engines. This is not the same as paid inclusion or placement in search results, which some search engines offer. Please see Google AdWords for advertising in the “Sponsored Links” sections of Google's search results pages. 1.2. We may: (a) conduct an initial audit (Audit) of your website, considering its technical infrastructure, traffic, current rankings and performance in benchmarking, which search engines are preferred by your target audience and how they work, and relevant keyword phrases and competitor keyword rankings; (b) provide you with a written report setting out actionable recommendations to improve your website’s keyword rankings, such as by editing its content, HTML and associated coding, or promoting it on other websites to increase its number of inbound links (Audit Report); (c) edit the page titles and meta descriptions of your website; and/or (d) create an account for you on Google My Business (formerly Google+ or Google Places for Business). There is a one-off charge for each Audit. Audits are available in Lite, Classic and Bespoke, depending on the size of your website. 1.3. We may subsequently audit your website on a monthly basis (Retainer), providing further Audit Reports. There is a monthly charge for each Retainer. Retainers are available in Lite, Classic and Bespoke, depending on the size of your website. 1.4. Where agreed, we may perform the modifications to your website as recommended in an Audit Report. You must provide us with feedback on any Audit Report within 10 business days of our delivery of that Audit Report, otherwise we may commence such modifications in accordance with the relevant recommendations. Modifications are charged on an hourly basis or for each part thereof. 1.5. Audit Reports may differ in length, format and content by website, Audit or Retainer, as determined by us in our sole discretion. Although we prepare each Audit Report in accordance with industry standards, search engine indexing methods and functionality change from time to time, and we do not guarantee that any actions recommended in any Audit Report will improve the relevant website’s keyword rankings. 1.6. Your website and its contents shall be considered Your Material under our Terms of Business. 1.7. In addition to clause 11 of our Terms of Business, your contingent obligations for each Audit and Retainer include: (a) providing us with sufficient administrator access to your website (such as the Content Management System (CMS) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server), at your own cost. You may need to arrange such access with your existing web developer; and (b) forwarding Google My Business account verification information to us (where applicable). 1.8. You acknowledge that Deliverables are subject to the nature, scope and/or technical limitations of your website, and that refunds will not be paid where full Deliverables cannot be provided as a result. You may need to arrange modifications to your website, at your own cost, in order to receive full Deliverables. Where you request Yellow Search Optimisation in respect of a Yellow Website, you may need to purchase an upgrade to your Yellow Website in order to receive full Deliverables. 1.9. We reserve the right to terminate any Order Form based on technical ability.

2. Google My Business

2.1. While you may access your Google My Business account, you must keep your account credentials secure. We may assume that any activity undertaken with your credentials is authorised by you. If you think that your account has been compromised, you must notify us immediately. 2.2. Your indemnity under clause 21 of the Terms of Business applies to any act or omission by you that causes you or us to be in breach of Google’s terms of service (including 2.3. Google control their own services, access to which is therefore subject to change without warning. You agree to contact us for support relating to Google My Business. You acknowledge and accept that Google My Business includes functionality for users to place reviews or other content on your profile, and that Google’s terms of service apply to such content.

3. Term and termination

3.1. Retainers have an Initial Term of 5 months from our first Audit Report. At the end of the Initial Term, we will provide each Retainer on a continuing, monthly basis.