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What’s the difference between a Yellow Business Listing and a Yellow Online Profile?

We've improved the design of listings and created Yellow Online Profiles. Yellow Online Profiles give you more content, which makes it easier for customers to find you, because more content comes up faster in online search engines, so customers can find you in more ways.

With your Yellow Online Profile you can now add more content such as extra photos, your social media links, awards you’ve won, your business videos, your Skype ID, your GST number and more. It’s also easier to edit and update from your My Yellow account.

Basically, Yellow Online Profiles are designed to make it easier for people to find you and understand what you do – the more information you include, the more your business will stand out when people search online.

Do I need a Yellow Online Profile if I already have a website?

Absolutely. Because Yellow Online is New Zealand’s No.1 online business directory1, it compliments your website by boosting your online presence. It doesn’t matter if people search in Yellow Online or with Google. The information you include in your Yellow Online Profile will appear on Yellow Online, in the Yellow Mobile App (it works on both Android and iOS devices) and when people use Google Search – helping customers choose your business when they are looking online. The good news is that when they search in Yellow Online, they are ready to buy not just browse.

How do I manage multiple online profiles?

If your business has multiple online profiles, you can manage and edit them all through My Yellow. It’s easy to use and contains all your information in one place.

To learn more about My Yellow, go to How does it work?

What is My Yellow?

My Yellow is your central hub for managing everything about your online profile. Your My Yellow dashboard allows you to:

  • Edit and update your online profile from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Engage your customers through Ratings and Reviews
  • Access call tracking reports
  • Update your business and billing account details

To learn more about My Yellow, go to How does it work?

I’m new to digital advertising, how do I edit my online profile?

Easy. You can edit and update your online profile anytime and anywhere you want through My Yellow. Just log into Yellow Online with your login and password and click on My Yellow.

From here you can either View or Edit your profile. Check out our help information in the Tips & Tricks section for advice on things like how to write your business description, what keywords are and how to use them, how to take good quality business photos that get you noticed, and why you need to encourage your happy customers to write a review.

How often should I update my Online Profile?

Keeping your important business information up to date helps customers find you. Accurate information keeps search engines happy and your makes sure your results are consistent across the different search engines on the Internet. Once a month is a good place to start. But you can use things like ratings and reviews to keep content fresh on a daily basis. Check out how and why in the Tips & Tricks section.

Your Yellow Online Profile is quick and easy to update. You can edit and feature your :

  • Contact details, website and opening hours
  • Map and directions so customers can find you
  • Description of your business to tell customers what you do
  • Photos and videos of your products and services

And if you select your Category, it makes it even easier to find you on Yellow Online, the Yellow App and Google Search.

How does my Yellow Online Profile help me stand out from my competitors?

Easy – just follow our Tips & Tricks and you’ll create unique information and content that helps you stand out. Your online profile is designed to help you display the right information to make sure your customers find you.

Understanding and describing your business products, services and special skills is the first step. For example, if you’re a builder who specialises in building decks, then include these words in your ‘About us’ and ‘What makes us different?’ sections in your Yellow Online Profile. Words like these are called keywords because they are the words people use when they are looking for things online. So if a customer searches for a “deck builder”, your Yellow Online Profile will appear in the search results because you’ve included those keywords. Being specific about your business and what is does, as well as updating your Yellow Online Profile regularly with new information will make your business stand out.

Can I see how well my Yellow Online Profile is doing?

Yes. If you receive a monthly report you’ll know it includes an easy to read dashboard. It shows how many times your Yellow Online Profile appears in search results, how many times people click on your online profile and how many times people email or call you.

Can I upgrade my Yellow Online Profile?

Yes. You can upgrade your Yellow Online Profile at any time. The more you have as features the more you can build your online presence for your business. You can find out more about the various types of Yellow Online Profiles by clicking here.

Who do I contact if I need help?

We’re always happy to help. Call us on 0800 803 803 to speak directly to one of our Customer Care Team.

Source 1: Nielsen CMI YE Q1 2016

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