Yellow Online Profile

The existing business logo requirement is 200 pixels wide x 154 pixels high. Upload the new business logo to the following minimum dimensions:
Width: 130 pixels
Height: 130 pixels

The existing dimensions are 'rectangular' compared to the new 'square' layout requirements. This rectangular shape will still be constrained by the square container provided in the new layout - so it's backwards compatible in that sense.

Please note: It's recommended to upload the business logo at double these dimensions (260 pixels x 260 pixels) to cater for double density screens (eg. Most smart phones, Apple MacBook Pros with Retina displays, all new Apple Mac Pro laptops, etc.). Double density screens will still show the minimum required dimensions but will lack the crispness the double density screens are designed for.

Hero banner

The redesign of the profile has meant the hero banner has moved to different a different slot. The maximum area this hero banner will occupy will be 730 pixels wide. So it's recommended any new hero banner images are uploaded at the following dimensions:
Width: 730 pixels
Height: 208 pixels


The carousel is a collection of all the existing business images. The carousel is quite versatile and can accommodate all sizes by way of scaling them to fit into the desired constraints set out by the carousel component. Having said that, it's advisable to keep any new images relatively small to increase page speed and ultimately provide a better experience. Please upload these images to be uploaded in the following dimensions:
Width: 720 pixels
Height: 480 pixels


All coupon images to be uploaded in the following dimensions:
Width: 477 pixels
Height: 170 pixels

Once your profile is live you can edit your profile at any time through My Yellow:
You can edit all the information that appears to the customer through this online tool.

To register with Yellow simply head to yellow.co.nz and click on the Sign in arrow at the top right corner then scroll down to the Register button at the bottom which takes you through to the registration form. Simply complete all the fields and hit the register button or you can register using your Facebook or Google + details. You will be sent an email with a verification link. Simply click on the link and you have verified your email address and your My Yellow account is all ready to go.

My Yellow is our handy portal where you can check your account details, update the info in your listing, view your monthly reporting on your Yellow products and much more anytime, anywhere. To get started simply head to My Yellow and login using your username and password or you can use your Facebook or Google+ login.

If you have logged in before you need to use the same method to login again but don't worry if you don't remember what you did last time we'll let you know.

Head to yellow.co.nz and click on the Sign in arrow at the top right corner then click on Forgot your password? Simply enter your email address and hit the reset password button. You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. Click on the link and then enter in your new password and hit Submit. Then simply return to Yellow, click on Sign In, complete your login with the new password and you're all set.

Keeping your important business information up to date helps customers find you. Accurate information keeps search engines happy and your makes sure your results are consistentt. Once a month is a good place to start. But you can use things like ratings and reviews to keep content fresh on a daily basis. Check out how and why in theTips & Tricks section.

Your Yellow Online Profile is quick and easy to update. You can edit and feature your:

  • Contact details, website and opening hours
  • Map and directions so customers can find you
  • Description of your business to tell customers what you do
  • Photos and videos of your products and services
  • Promotions and special offers

Easy - just follow our Tips & Tricks and you'll create unique information and content that helps you stand out. Your online profile is designed to help you display the right information to make sure your customers find you.

Understanding and describing your business products, services and special skills is the first step. For example, if you're a builder who specialises in building decks, then include these words in your 'About us' and 'What makes us different?' sections in your Yellow Online Profile. Words like these are called keywords because they are the words people use when they are looking for things online. So if a customer searches for a "deck builder", your Yellow Online Profile will appear in the search results because you've included those keywords. Being specific about your business and what is does, as well as updating your Yellow Online Profile regularly with new information will make your business stand out.

Free profiles give your customers the key information they need to know to contact your business.

But with a paid profile you get the ability to offer a more engaging experience. You can hero your strengths and differences with photos, videos, team member descriptions and "what makes us different" copy. You can also show case promotions with the hero banner.

All this additional content will also improve SEO ranking for keyword searches on yellow.co.nz and external sites and make your business stand out to customers in the research and decision phase.

Then a free profile could be all you need - it allows you to highlight the key information that consumers want to know about your business (opening hours, phone numbers, what your business does) and leverages the SEO benefits of yellow.co.nz.

To assist in being found you can pair it with a paid category search ranking to boost your business information in yellow.co.nz and external search results to the top of your category.

To help your business be found your free profile can also collect ratings and reviews on your business, customers who rate your business on yellow.co.nz receive 3 Fly Buys points. The more your business is rated the more SEO your profile will receive on yellow.co.nz and external search sites.

If you have multiple business locations, you can choose different profile types and category search ranking types of each of them. This will allow you to be competitive in each location in the way that best suits the needs of your business.

A single profile can allow you to add servicing areas (both free and paid profiles) in the following options:

  • NZ Wide
  • Up to 2 regions
  • Up to 5 cities/towns within a region
  • Up to 10 suburbs within a city

You will only need more than one profile for areas that you service if:

  • You need to service more than 2 regions (but less than NZ wide)
  • You need to service cities in different regions
  • You need to service individual suburbs in different cities

If you need to change your profile type from free to paid or paid to free, then please get in contact with us on 0800 803 803 or contact us through this form: https://yellow.co.nz/contact-us/

How do I change my category search ranking type?
If you need to change your category search ranking type, then please get in contact with us on 0800 803 803 or contact us through this form: https://yellow.co.nz/contact-us/

You will receive monthly reports on both your free and paid profiles that will tell you the number of interactions your profiles have received. The report covers interactions on search result pages on yellow.co.nz and your individual pages. It looks at interactions such as:

  • Number of clicks on the phone number button
  • Number of clicks on websites/social button
  • Number of impressions on a search result page
  • Number of clicks on the phone number button

You will receive a report once month that covers all our live profiles that month, you will receive an email when the report is ready.

Whilst we send you notification that your last month's analytics are available, you can view them at any time using your login at My Yellow.

There are a number of sections in your monthly report each with specific terms so we've pulled together this handy glossary to help you understand what each one means.

Visits The number of times someone has clicked on your ad in search results or visiting your info page. Each visitor is only counted once per session (so if they click on your listing several times in one session it will only be counted once).
Search Results Views The number of times your Online Profile appeared in a search on Yellow Online and/or White Online.
Phone clicks The number of times someone has clicked to view your phone numbers with the intention to call your business.
Website clicks The number of times users have clicked through to your website for your online profile.
Email clicks The number of times that users have clicked on the email button to send an email to your business.

We're always happy to help. Call us on 0800 803 803 to speak directly to one of our Customer Care Team.