Print Directories Terms 2023

Additional Terms

Our Terms of Business at and these Additional Terms apply to our Print Directories.

Except with respect to clause 23 of our Terms of Business, in the event of any conflict between our Terms of Business and these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms shall take priority.

These Additional Terms were last updated on 29 August 2023.

1. Deliverables

1.1. Subject to clause 1.2, for each New Zealand premise for which you have a fixed-line phone contract with a telecommunications service provider (Contract), you may: (a) where it is a residential Contract, request a free residential listing in the applicable regional White Pages print directory; and (b) where it is a business Contract, request a free business listing in the applicable regional White Pages print directory. We will not provide both a free White Pages residential listing and free White Pages business listing for the same premise. Clause 26.1 of our Terms of Business does not apply to free residential listings.

1.2. A free White Pages listing may only include a name (including one title and up to two honours or qualifications), address (either physical address or PO Box number) and single landline number, in standard type. Further content, such as additional titles, honours, qualifications or landline numbers, mobile or fax numbers, email or website addresses, cross references, additional text or business description, colours and graphical elements (such as display advertising) are subject to additional Charges. Chargeable listings and content are also available in our other print directories. For a list of our advertising options, please see our website at or contact us by phone within New Zealand on 0800 803 803 during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

1.3. Our Terms of Business apply to free White Pages business listings, any chargeable White Pages content, and any listings and content in our other print directories. We may refuse any listing or content that does not comply with our Terms of Business or internal policies.

1.4. Further to clause 13 of our Terms of Business, we may publish your listings and content in subsequent editions of the applicable print directory, and our other print, online, mobile and phone directories. You acknowledge and accept that colours and graphical elements in our online and mobile directories may vary from our print directories. Please note that colours and graphical elements in our print directories are created using a CMYK colour model, and are converted to an RGB colour model when published in our online or mobile directories, which can result in colour variations. Pagination is automatic and may result in listings being split across columns or pages.

We may (but are not obligated to) give you prior written notice of such renewal.

2. Term, automatic renewal and termination

2.1. Our print directories are published periodically (“Minimum Period”). The Minimum Period for the applicable print directory can be found here: Print Directory Minimum Period as specified in an Order Form. Cancellation fees will apply if you cancel during the Minimum Period. Further to clause 4.1 of our Terms of Business, we may publish your listings and content in subsequent editions of the applicable print directory for a further Minimum Period unless or until you terminate in accordance with clause 5.1.

2.2. Any notice of termination must be received by us before the “Sales Cancellation Date” (or as otherwise named from time to time) for the applicable print directory, as stated in our Key Book Advertising Dates (linked at, or any successor URL).

2.3 Fixed Term, Initial Term and Renewal Term in clause 1.1 of our Terms of Business has the same meaning as Minimum Period under these Additional Terms.