Google Analytics

Additional Terms

Our Terms of Business at and these Additional Terms apply to Google Analytics. Except with respect to clause 23 of our Terms of Business, in the event of any conflict between our Terms of Business and these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms shall take priority.

These Additional Terms were last updated on 19 July 2018.

  1. Deliverables

    1. We:

      1. will connect your websites, Google Ads campaigns and/or Display Ads campaigns (Properties) to the Google Analytics web analytics service, which may include implementation through Google Tag Manager;

      2. may optimise the Properties to measure agreed “conversion” goals; and

      3. will establish the provision of ongoing reporting by Google Analytics.

        Please see the Additional Terms for Google Ads and Display Ads.

    2. In addition to clause 11 of our Terms of Business, your contingent obligations for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager include:

      1. providing us with administrator access rights to your websites;

      2. creating and maintaining a Google account; and

      3. modifying your websites or Google account at our direction.

    3. You must keep your Google account credentials secure. We may assume that any activity undertaken with your credentials is authorised by you. If you think that your account has been compromised, you must notify us immediately.

    4. Your indemnity under clause 21 of our Terms of Business applies to any act or omission by you that causes you or us to be in breach of Google’s terms of service (including

    5. Google control their own services, access to which is therefore subject to change without warning. You agree to contact us for support relating to Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.