Facebook Content

Additional Terms

Our Terms of Business at yellow.co.nz/terms/terms-business and these Additional Terms apply to Facebook Content. Except with respect to clause 23 of our Terms of Business, in the event of any conflict between our Terms of Business and these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms shall take priority.

These Additional Terms were last updated on 18 June 2018.

  1. Deliverables

    1. The Facebook Content service comprises setting up your Facebook profile (on request) (Profile Set-up), and providing a monthly Facebook post creation and scheduling service (Monthly Media Management), based on your marketing briefs (each a Brief).

    2. For Monthly Media Management, we will:

      1. work with you to create, update and obtain your approval to each Brief; and in respect of each Brief:

      2. create a Facebook content calendar (including one round of revisions, if required by you);

      3. create corresponding images and copy for 8 Facebook posts; and

      4. subject to your approval of the posts, post these on your Facebook page in accordance with the calendar.

    3. Facebook advertising, moderations, tab (app) development and integration are not part of this service.

    4. Further to clause 11 of our Terms of Business, it is your responsibility to promptly provide all information, assistance, feedback and approvals reasonably required by us to fulfil the service (including approving Briefs and Facebook posts). If you do not respond to any such request within the specified period, we may choose to proceed to the next fulfilment stage of your service.

    5. Your indemnity under clause 21 of the Terms of Business applies to any act or omission by you that causes you or us to be in breach of Facebook’s terms of service (including https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/ and https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms.

    6. Facebook control their own services, access to which is therefore subject to change without warning.

  2. Charges

    1. Charges for Monthly Media Management services apply in respect of each Brief approved by you, and are incurred at the time of such approval.

    2. Each Profile Set-up is subject to Additional Charges.

  3. Term and termination

    1. We will provide Facebook Content on a continuing, monthly basis, from the date of your approval of the first Brief. This assumes that you will approve a new or updated Brief on a monthly basis.

    2. You may terminate Facebook Content at any time, in accordance with clause 5 of the Terms of Business. You must pay all Charges in respect of any Briefs approved by you prior to the termination date.