Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Terms

These credit/debit card authorisation terms (Authorisation Terms) set out the terms and conditions that apply when you, our customer, provide your card to Yellow NZ Limited (usweour) and we use that card for the purpose of initiating payments on your behalf.  These Authorisation Terms shall apply unless otherwise agreed in writing with you.

1. Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Process and First Payment

1.1 - When you provide us with your credit or debit card, we, or another entity acting on our behalf, will, and you hereby give us permission to:

  • a. Verify your card and seek your bank’s permission for authorisation;

  • b. Within three calendar days of you providing your card to us:

  • (i). activate the product and/or services you have purchased from us;

  • (ii). take the payment for the charges of such products and/or services for that calendar month prorated accordingly (First Payment).

1.2 - Because of the timing the authorisation process, if you purchase products and/or services at the end of a calendar month, there is a possibility that the first subsequent Recurring Payment (as defined below) may be debited to your card before the First Payment is debited to your card. 

1.3 - The First Payment may be debited to your card whether or not you have completed the product brief setting up the products and/or services you have purchased from us.

2. Recurring Payments

2.1 - We will debit your card on a monthly basis (in advance) for the charges relating to subscription products and/or services purchased by you (Recurring Payments).

3. Merchant Fees

3.1 - We do not pass on, and accordingly we shall absorb, all merchant fees for Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit Card transactions.  We do not accept American Express.

4. Payment Failure

4.1 - If we are unable to take the First Payment or any Recurring Payment, we may (without limiting any other rights or remedies available to us):

  • a. charge interest on the unpaid amount from the date it is due until it is paid in full, at a rate which is 5% per annum above the current commercial overdraft rate charged by our trading bank. Interest will be calculated and charged monthly, and will be payable as soon as it is charged. 

  • b. require you to pay any costs we incur internally or which we pay to any third party (including agents) in recovering the unpaid amount or in exercising any other rights, including lost commissions to our sales staff, and legal costs on a solicitor and client basis. You acknowledge and accept that we use an external collection agency, and that their charges (being 25% of the unpaid amount) are recoverable against you;

  • c. report your late payment or non-payment to credit reference agencies or take other action which may negatively affect your credit rating;

  • d. immediately suspend or terminate any or all of our products and/or services to you; and/or

  • e. require you to immediately pay all amounts in one lump sum.

5. Existing Account

 5.1 - If you have an existing account with us, these charges will be added to your account. When you submit your order online, one of our consultants may contact you to confirm your preferred payment method.

6. Your additional rights and responsibilities

 6.1 - You are responsible for letting us know if there are any changes whatsoever to your credit/debit issuer and/or credit/debit card details (including any replacement card).  You can let us know these changes in writing to us or by signing into your account on and selecting Account Settings.

 6.2 - You may at any time terminate your authority by giving us written notice or online on, in which case the termination provisions in our Terms shall apply, and the products and/or services will be cancelled.