Image of featuring lady from Marlborough Turf Professionals.

Linda Crouch Marlborough Turf Professionals

We’ve had a really good relationship with Yellow and have had from the start.

Marlborough Turf Professionals have been providing specialist lawn and turf management since 1992 and covers the entire Marlborough region to as far as Kaikoura. Main services include, hydroseeding, hydromulching, instant turf, synthetic turf for easy care, irrigation, water features and planting from design to completed landscape work.

MTP is a trusted and respected name in the area with their work and many lawns and landscapes of local businesses and households carried by them.

Linda Crouch, who has been the Office Manager for the past 15 years, says MTP pride themselveson the good customer feedback coming to the office from the great work they do. This is important as the focus is moving the business forward and bringing on new clients.

This wasn’t always easy, as one of the bigchallenges they had was getting their nameout there for potential customers to see what they do and the services they offer.

Linda acknowledges that Yellow has played a huge part in bringing new business to them in helping them grow over the years.

Through MTP’s partnership with Yellow in their early days where they started with their Print Display ads in the Yellow Pages section, they have since hopped online with Yellow’s Online and Digital offerings.

Linda mentions their most recent addition of Google Search ads “has just been awesome and made it really easy for people to get a hold of us.” From this avenue, they get about 15 to 20 new leads a month from the Google Search Ads.