Luke Hardwick John Duff Roofing Limited

Image of Luke Hardwick from John Duff Roofing Limited – Northland Yellow Book 2019
Quote IconYellow will get people to call you, so you can develop a relationship with your customers.

John Duff Roofing Limited specialise in residential roofing in Whangarei. They have a team of professional roofers, all trained and safety conscious, who are respectful of your property and considerate of your privacy. Luke Hardwick has 16 years' experience in the roofing industry and is proud to be now running the business following John Duff’s retirement.

Their mission is to ensure every job is a quality trouble-free installation. Honesty and integrity play a big part in their core business values. They want customers to be in the loop at every stage of the process.

John Duff Roofing Limited have grown from the ground up with Yellow. Luke's goal has been centered around customers calling the business directly, so the team can fully understand the customer needs and develop a strong relationship. They achieve this through having a Yellow Profile with Bronze Category Search Boost and print advertising in the Northland Yellow Book.

Yellow will get people to call you, so you can develop a relationship with your customers.

Their Yellow Profile has helped point customers directly to their website, while their print advertising has driven more customer calls. The two products work hand in hand to maximise future business for them.

The team at John Duff Roofing Limited recognise the importance of marketing their business through both channels. They are already known as the ‘residential roofing problem solvers’, a reputation they are keen to protect.