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Dennis Eckhoff Home Tech Solutions

I’ve found Yellow to be an essential part of my business.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with stereo instructions, tuning a TV, or have tried setting up a home entertainment system you’ll know that it can be a complex task. Fortunately help is at hand with Dennis and his team at Home Tech Solutions.

Dennis started his career in the Navy working with valve tubes and has been growing with new technologies ever since. The modern home environment has more digital products that need to be interconnected than ever, and over the years Dennis and the team have developed a can-do attitude to become experts in making the complex simple. From tuning your television, to full home automation, Home Tech Solutions have you covered.

With over 50 years of experience Dennis knows all about the challenges of owning and running a small business. When starting out, Home Tech Solutions needed help with advertising and marketing - and Yellow were there to answer this need with the Yellow Pages. Now, 50 years on, Home Tech Solutions recognise the need to advertise in a digital environment and Yellow have been there every step of the way, evolving with him.

Yellow allows Dennis to do what he does best, making sure his marketing requirements are taken care of and that they’re working hard to drive new customers. He uses a combination of print advertising in the Yellow Pages, has an online presence with a website, and drives relevant traffic through Google Adwords. By partnering with Yellow he’s able to bring all his marketing together to deliver the best results for his business.

Dennis and his team are passionate about making the complex simple and are there to help guide you through your next project. To get an insight into what you can do in your home get in touch with Home Tech Solutions today.