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Jimmy Guerin Helicopters Hawkes Bay Limited

Yellow has been the most successful form of marketing for our business.

Helicopters Hawke’s Bay has been operating since 1992, offering agricultural and commercial helicopter services across the region. CEO Jimmy Guerin has a team of experienced pilots, ground crew, and support staff. From spraying, spreading, surveying, beehive transport, firefighting, lifting, corporate transfers and more, their fleet of five helicopters ranging in size and capacity, can take on any job.

The business ensures their fleet of helicopters continues to meet their clients’ requirements by having the right equipment, people and processes in place. Reliability and flexibility are a must for the business and their customers, as well as completing any task safely, with a minimal impact on the environment.

The team is committed to providing the best value experience, to ensure they have happy customers who are satisfied with their service. The business also loves to get involved with many local sporting sponsorships within the region, as a way of giving back to the community and encouraging people to contact them.

Yellow has been the most successful form of marketing for our business.

Yellow have helped Helicopters Hawke’s Bay stay connected to their customers, through a selection of marketing solutions. Now with print advertising in the Hawkes Bay Yellow Book and a Yellow Profile with Silver Category Search Boost, the team can continue to focus on delivering the highest standards for their customers.

For whatever reason you need a chopper in the air, the team at Helicopters Hawke’s Bay will be there.