Featuring couple from Hale Electrical.

Jonathan Hale Hale Electrical

You’d want a pretty good reason not to use Yellow because if you’re looking to expand your business, that’s where the majority of people look.

Jonathan, a Rotorua local since 2001, started Hale Electrical in 2007 as an electrical inspector carrying out work for residential, commercial and industrial markets. The business has since grown and diversified into completing electrical work in other fields including refrigeration, air conditioning and solar installations.

The company strives to not only achieve customer satisfaction, but also work satisfaction for their staff, hence their mission to be the benchmark in professionalism for all electricians in the local area. Maintaining a good reputation and creating a high working standard for staff is important as Jonathan states, “At the end of the day, customers can see that we’ve got pride in our work”.

Jonathan recognises that even just 12 years ago, the place to be found was still mainly offline in the Yellow Pages book but now more information has shifted online. His full colour print Display Ads and Yellow Online priority listings in a range of suitable categories has ensured he is founded in the right targeted search whether it be an ‘Electrician’ or ‘Solar Energy Equipment’ or ‘Home Appliance Servicing’ in the area.

Hale Electrical is a great example of a business utilising the network of Yellow to be found by existing and potential customers. Regardless of being found online or offline, Jonathan appreciates that it still needs to be easy for a range of people searching for his services to where to find him and how to contact him.