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John Gibbs Blueprints

Advertising with Yellow was an automatic step.

John Gibbs has a wealth of knowledge in design and construction and with over 46 years of experience he’s seen a thing or two in this vastly changing industry.

Blueprints provides a breadth of services that aims to walk anybody through the correct steps for constructing a building. Whether it’s initial planning, resource consents, creative design, through to site analysis, the team pride themselves on great service and high standard of work.

John enjoys the challenges that come with the job, he knows he’s good at what he does and says the variety or work that comes through his door keeps the grey matter working. “I enjoy it because it’s creative, challenging and I’m always meeting new people”.

When it came to marketing the business John says advertising with Yellow was an automatic step. “In a service industry in a small town, people may know the name of your business but they turn to places like Yellow to find out how to get in contact”.

Through his partnership with Yellow, Blueprints have a combination of marketing solutions including a long-standing presence in the Yellow books which works well alongside a Yellow website.

Yellow have made it easy for John to specialize in what he does best – working with his clients to bring their vision to life, while his business is being found where his customers are looking.