Featuring a couple from Beulah Services.

Tammy and Jared Beulah Services

Yellow has been like a solid rock for us.

Beulah Services have worked hard over 25 years to build a family business and reputation for quality products and services, along with a consistently high level of customer service. They work on basically job that requires concrete, from small concrete slabs to large construction jobs and everything in between.

A great example of a true family business, there’s several members of the family involved in the day to day running. Tammy and husband Jared are two of the family members helping to make the business a success. Working with Yellow to help get their business found through a long-standing relationship.

The books are an integral part of their rural community, where customers still rely upon the books to find local providers. Covering off both print and online, Beulah Services has advertising in the Yellow books that covers their geographical area of operation. They also have a paid Yellow Profile to make sure customers can find them when searching online.

The benefits of using a marketing partner like Yellow is the ability to hone in on the regional nuances and customer behavior in regional communities. Knowing that customers are able to search and find them, allows the team to get on with doing what they do best – all things concrete!

With a broad range of services, their own concrete plant, this is a team geared up to help with any concrete job delivered with winning customer service.