An example image of the Yellow Book, front cover.

Yellow Pages

Effective advertising starts with a year-round presence. Delivered to 96% of New Zealand homes and businesses, the Yellow Pages is still a powerful tool to reach your customers.
It brings them right to your doorstep, and, print never goes offline! Plus, results are
more measurable with your own call tracking number.
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Yellow Pages Advertising

Not all customers know your name, but users certainly know what they’re searching for. Stand out from your competition to grab the attention of new customers.
Ad Specifications
  • An example of the Free Yellow Pages Listing.


    Free Listing

    The basic package: Business name, address and landline.
  • An example of an advertising spot in the Yellow Pages - Extra content

    From $90

    Extra Content

    Make it easier for your customers to contact you. From $90 per item.

    • Street address
    • Email
    • Website
    • Mobile
  • Example of advertising spot in the Yellow Pages: "Enhancements"

    From $150


    Give your name prominence to be found quickly. Enhance to a black and bold name.
  • An example of an advertising spot in the Yellow Pages - Text Ad

    From $170

    Text Ad

    Draw more attention with a boxed border and colour. More text formatting and layouts options. 3x sizes available.

  • An example of an advertising spot in the Yellow Pages - Display Ad

    From $350

    Display Ad

    Customised attention-grabbing ads appearing in front of a category. 7x sizes available.

    • Stand out from the rest with use of colour, your logo, images and more
    • Track your ad’s effectiveness with a unique call tracking number (optional)
  • An example of an advertising spot in the Yellow Pages - High Impact

    From $2,800

    High Impact

    Get year-round exposure in highly visible positions.

    • High profile cover spaces
    • Engaging insert options

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